Coffee&Cakes [Winter Edition]

How I fit all those pictures on there, and managed to arrange them somewhat decently will forever be a mystery to me. o.O


The ride home was almost as silent as the drive to Joongki's parent's house had been. Only this time, Ram actually attempted to make conversation with the artist - who had apparently resigned to being as stoic as a rock.

She was perplexed by the fact that a man as talented, and obviously passionate, about his art as Joongki was, couldn't tell his parents that /that/ was what he wanted to do with his life - not become some stuffy, miserable old doctor. 

Her heart hurt when she thought about how trapped and stuck the male driving the car must feel. Ram decided then that she would help Joongki get his parents' blessing to pursue his art. She would just have to figure out a way to do so…

When they reached her building, Ram insisted that she could walk herself in, and so the fake couple parted at the curb - the blonde waving until the car was out of sight.

But what Ram didn't know, as she climbed the stairs and unlock her front door, was that a very unhappy Ji Yong would be inside, waiting for her.

"Oh! Ji-Ji-yah~" Ram greeted, surprised, as she shut the door behind her and walked over to her boyfriend. "I didn't think you would be back yet." It was only just past twelve thirty - Joongki and she had left right after their awkward midnight kiss.

"I came back because I wanted to give my girlfriend a New Year's Eve Kiss." Jr. said emotionlessly, his eyes narrow slits. He had been at one of his university friend's new years eve party, and he may or may not have had a few drinks. "But you weren't here."

Ram reddened a bit in embarrassment.

"So I thought to myself, 'She probably just has some appointment that she forgot to tell me about.' So I went to go check your day planner-- " The nineteen year old holds up the weathered book to read directly from a page. " --and guess what I see written on today's date? 'Dinner with Joongki at his parent's house'."

The blonde winces a bit as he as he lowers the planner to glare at her once more. 

"So, who exactly is this Joongki fellow?" It came out more as a demand rather than a question.

"H-he's a friend… From work."

"Really?" Jr. asked with heavy sarcasm, crossing his arms. "Because I don't remember any of your employees being named 'Joongki'."

"No, Joongki-oppa doesn't work at the café; he's a customer."

"…/Oppa/? Oh, so now you're cheating on me with an older man?!"

"I'm not cheating on you, Ji Yong!" Ram cried, throwing her arms up in exasperation, walking over to stand in front of her over dramatic boyfriend. "Joongki is just a /friend/. That's it."

"Well if he's 'just a friend', then why are their little hearts drawn all around his name?" Jr. retaliated, holding the page up in front of Ram's face so that she could see for herself.

Ram dead panned and let out a halfhearted, shaky giggle, that sounded more like a hiccup than a twinkle of bells. "O-oh, that…I, uh, drew them in to remind me to dress nice; because I was…"

"Because you were what?" Jr. practically spat, tossing book onto the nearby coffee table.

She winced a bit again, before sighing and looking up to meet Jr.'s gaze with a firm one of her own. "Because Joongki had asked me to pose as his girlfriend for the night, because he had lied to his parents about having one, and they were pressuring him to bring her to their annual New Year's Eve party."

Jr. didn't say anything. He just stared hard at the floor, forehead wrinkled, fists clenched till his knuckles were white. "Just…just please tell me you didn't…/kiss/ him."

It was Ram's turn to look at the floor. She spoke in a quiet voice. "…We had to keep up the act, Jr.-- " 

She was suddenly cut off by Jr. giving a loud yell and slamming both his fists violently into the nearby wall. The pictures and things that hung on it, rattled from the force of the hit.

Ram stared at him wide eyed, with a mixture of surprise and fear. "J-Ji Yong-ah…?"

"You are MY girlfriend, Wooram! MINE. Not his!" Jr. raged, turning to face his girlfriend, eyes full of fire. "You're supposed to kiss ME, and only me! Especially on New Year's Eve!"

"Jr., I was just doing a favor for a friend." Ram tried to pacify him. "It was a one-time thing, it meant nothing!"

He didn't seem to hear her, for he came up and grabbed her small wrist tightly in his hand. "Is this the only time you two have kissed?"

"Ow! Ji-Ji-yah, that hur--"

"Answer the question!" He tightened his grip even more, causing Ram to let out a soft whimper of pain. 


"So this isn't a 'one-time-thing'." Apparently he had heard her.

"It was just a peck on the cheek because we happened to be under mistletoe, Jr. -- YOU are my boyfriend, YOU are the only one I love and the only one I WANT to be with!"

The earnestness in her eyes and voice seemed to sate the raging university student, for he released his hold on her wrist after a few seconds and began to pace the room instead. The blonde rubbed her sore limb, knowing there would be a couple nice bruises there in the morning.

"I don't want you talking with this Joongki fellow anymore." Jr. said territorially. "If fact, I don't want you associating with him, period."

"…I'm sorry but, I can't do that." Ram spoke firmly, causing Jr. to stop and stare at her. His nostrils flaring.

"Can't? or Won't?"

"Both. Joongki is my friend, Ji Yong, and I don't like losing my friends."

"Well how about losing your BOYFRIEND? Cause that's what's going to happing if you continue to interact with this guy." He threatened.

"Ji Yong, you're over reacting about this whole thing-- " Ram tried again to calm him.

"Am I Ram? Cause I think I'm reacting exactly how any rational boyfriend would react to finding out his girlfriend has been /cheating on him/!"

"Aish, I'M NOT CHEATING ON YOU! What part of that don't you get?" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up again.

Ji Yong walked back up to her so that they were no more than a foot apart. "Stop seeing him Ram." He said again, his tone deadly. "Stop seeing him, and I'll forget this whole thing ever even happened."

Ram looked away to the floor, lowering her head slightly. "…I'm sorry Ji-Ji-yah…"

She felt him walk past her. She heard him stalk down the hallway. And when she finally looked after him, she only caught the back of his jacket heading out the door of their apartment, before the door slammed shut behind him.


"WOW~ You never told me you lived in a place like /THIS/." Yoseob marveled as he entered Bang and Jaehyo's apartment, spinning around in circles, looking at everything.

"It's not mine, it's my boyfriend's." Bang stated proudly as he engaged the security system, before leading the coffee-haired boy over to the couch.

"Oh yes, that - /Jaehyun/ guy." Yoseob muttered with a wave of his hand. "How goes things with him, by the way?"

"It's JaeHYO, actually, and we're doing fine." Bang stated. "Want anything to eat? Drink?"

"I'm good, thanks." Yoseob replied, curling up onto the couch. He patted the spot beside him. "Now, let's get to work."

Bang took his seat and laid his arms casually over the back of the couch like he always did. "So where we?"

"Trying to decide the name of the song."

The two twenty-two year olds thought for a moment. "What about, that English line you say at the end of the chorus?"

"You mean, I REMEMBER~?" Yoseob asked, angelically singing the words in question - causing Bang to smile at the pleasant sound.

"Yes, that." Bang laughed. "I like it."

"'I Remember by Bang Yong Guk, featuring Yang Yoseob'…I like it too, Hyung~" Yoseob beamed and quickly scribbled the name at the top of their paper. He then put his things down on the coffee table in front of him and sat up all perky like, turning to face Bang. "You know what this means, right Hyung?"

"What does it mean, Yoseob-ah?" Bang asked with a smile, amused at the younger's enthusiasm.

"It means that we finally finished the song~!" And with that, Yoseob threw himself forward; encircling his arms around the older male's neck and crashing his lips onto the other's.

Bang immediately pushed the younger off of him and stood up. "Whoa, what the hell, Yoseob?!"

"It was just a kiss Bang-ah~" Yoseob said innocently. "When two people like each other, they kiss. I like you Bang-ah~ and I know that you like me too~"

The blonde stared at the boy, a bit taken aback. "Um, Earth-to-Yoseob~ I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. Or did you just completely forget that we were talking about him just a minute ago."

"Oh, come off it Hyung!" Yoseob yelled, standing up as well, getting very angry very quickly. "I know the way you look at me - the way you /have/ looked at me since the first moment that we met. Don't deny that fact that you want me, Bang Yong Guk."

Yoseob made a move to kiss Bang again, but this time the blonde caught his shoulders and stopped him before he could even touch the older's lips. "No, Yoseob. I don't want you. Yes, I'll admit that you're insanely attractive, and have the voice of an angel, and are one of the nicest people I've ever met-- "

"See, now let's just make out already."

" --But I'm dating /Jaehyo/. I'm in love /with Jaehyo/. And I am not now, nor ever, going to cheat on him. He means too much to me." Bang removed his hands from the coffee-haired boy's shoulders.

"Oh how very chivalrous of you…" Yoseob muttered under his breath as he ran a hand through his hair. Suddenly, an evil smirk came over his face. "But are you sure he feels the same way, Hyung?"

"Of course he does." Bang answered without hesitation, angered by the accusation. "Why wouldn't he?"

Yoseob shrugged. "It just seems to me like you're not that important to him. I mean, he looks like he was doing fine by himself LONG before you came along." He motioned to the extravagant penthouse around them. "And, from what you've told me, he's hardly ever around; always either out running errands, or at work where's he's constantly surrounded by gorgeous men and women - any of whom he could have at the drop of a hat." He smirked a bit at the flick of doubt that crossed Bang's eyes. "I honestly don't even know why he's keeping you around… Probably just to keep himself occupied until he finds something /better/ to play with~"

Bang then grabbed the younger boy by the collar and pulled him close to his face. NO ONE, talked about his boyfriend like that. "You better take that back Yang Yoseob! Jaehyo-yah isn't like that; he would never use other people - treat them like they're just objects to be discarded. And he /especially/, wouldn't do that to /me/!"

"Really Bang-ah? Are you sure?" Yoseob asked, knowingly. "I mean, just think about it - it's really the ONLY logical conclusion."

The blonde's eyes that were flickering with rage began to soften as Yoseob's words invaded and settled in his thoughts. Bang slowly loosened his grip on the younger's shirt. "…N-No, it…it can't be, he…He /loves/ me…He said that…"

Yoseob straightened his shirt, knowing exactly what to say next. "Personally Bang-ah, I think you're way too good for a guy like him. You deserve someone's who's going to treat you right."

Bang shook his head slightly, his mind going to a bad place. What if…Yoseob…was…/right/?

" --I mean, if /I/ was your boyfriend, I would make sure I spent as much time with you as possible. I would never do a job that made you feel uncomfortable-- " Slowly, Yoseob stepped closer to Bang, taking the older's hands softly in his own and peering up into his eyes lovingly. "I would make sure you always knew how much you mean to me, and I would tell you every day that I loved you more than life itself."

Bang 's eyes unconsciously met Yoseob's, his gaze hypnotizing him. He let the younger begin to run his hands over his chest and sides - the soft caresses providing some guidance in the cloud of doubt and confusion the blonde was currently spiraling in.

Having had Bang confide in him about Jaehyo, Yoseob knew exactly what the blonde's insecurities and naggings were, and exactly what words to say to drive him home. "And, Bang-ah…" His voice lowered to a whisper and he leaned in close, getting up on tip toe slightly so as to reach the older' ear. "I would let you top me~"

When Yoseob leaned back, he could see his little evil seeds of doubt that had taken root in Bang's mind, begin to sprout vines which wrapped around his thoughts and choked his beliefs. The singer had gotten what he wanted yet again.

"…Y-Yoseob-ah," Bang started, his eyes clouding over. "I really don't think that--" 

"Oh shut up Bang." Yoseob said, then shoved the older down onto the couch, and climbed on top of him without giving him time to react. The coffee-haired boy then attached his lips firmly to Bang's, and kept the blond from escaping by placing a hand on his crotch.

As Yoseob began to move his hand and lips, Bang's eyes fluttered closed as he finally gave in to the offered pleasure - just as Jaehyo's head appeared on the bottom of the screen.

Himchan then clicked the mouse, pausing the security video. "I think we all know what happens next." the twenty-one year old ulzzang said, turning around in the spinning chair in which he sat to look at his two hyungs that stood behind him on either side.

Jaehyo was still staring at the screen, mouth slightly open. So /that's/ what really happened that day... The brunette turned slightly to look at the blonde beside him. "Bang-ah…"

The blonde turned from the screen to face the man he loved more than anything - honestly too scared to have done so before now.

"Bang-ah, I'm…I'm so sorry. I should have known that you never would have cheated on me - especially with that Yoseob kid. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions like I did, and I should have let you explain." Jaehyo bit his lip and hung his head in shame. "Can you…ever forgive me, Bang-ah?"

The twenty-two year old stared at the older before humbly lowering his head as well. "O-Only if you can forgive me, Hyung. I…I let Yoseob's words get to me, and I let my guard down. …And I'll regret it for the rest of my life."

"…I forgive you." Jaehyo said, looking up to the younger.

"I forgive you, too." Bang echoed, meeting the brunette's gaze for the first time since setting foot in the apartment that day.

The two then quickly diminished the space in between them, wrapping each other in the tightest hugs they've ever given. Both thought how good it felt to be back in the other's arms.

"I promise to never doubt you again, Hyung." Bang affirmed.

"And I promise to be a better boyfriend to you." Jaehyo vowed.

Bang chuckled and pulled back a bit to smile at the older, "You're already the /perfect/ boyfriend, Yeobo-bear~"

Jaehyo smiled as well. "So are you, Uke-boo~"

The brunette then pressed his lips onto the blonde's, and the two quickly began to ravish each other's mouths - their absence from one another only increasing their desire.

Himchan cleared his throat, but the two older males didn't even flinch. So, after shifting awkwardly in his seat, Himchan got up and maneuvered around the couple to the door. "Yeah, so…I'm just...gonna…let myself out now."




Although, my inspiration/motivation for RPs has been lacking of late, so I don't know when that mini update will be >.< Especially with my finals coming up this week (because California schools are just stupid and don't do finals before break o3O)

@dinoburger (I have RamKi things to tell you about o.o)
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