name;; Bambi Leverson 
age;; 19
model;; Juno Temple 
back up models;; Ellen Page, Emily Browning 
character or made up character;; Muse for the White Queen
bio;; Bambi is, like most of the people here, a misfit. She's very outgoing and very witty. Mischievous, snarky, and playful, she works for the White Queen as a muse and a maid. She's rather talented, you see- she can make her hair turn different colors just by a thought in her head- or turn invisible, or into a cat if she wanted to. Bambi provides entertainment for the queen and her companions, living a kind of gypsy lifestyle. She makes a few coins, performs, travels, always the same thing. Bambi's elusive and secretive, but on stage she's funny and bubbly. She's also a very good fighter, she carries a throwing dagger with her at all times, whether it's hidden in her boot, or on a strap around her waist. She's skilled and agile, and ready when she needs to spring into battle. 
what they think of Alice's return;; Never met her. 
crush;; none yet, she loves playful, outgoing people though. 
name;; Stain Ravin 
age;; 21 
model;; Ash Stymest 
back up models;; Cole Mohr, Francisco Lachowski 
character or made up character;; The Red Queen's second-in-command, Stain. 
bio;; Stain is very deceitful, very sneaky, bit very intelligent. He's cunning, cold, and charming when he needs to be. He knows the Red Queen has a secret love interest in him, but he sure doesn't fancy her the way she fancies him. He's a brave warrior, the leader of the Red Queen's militia, and he's very morbid. He doesn't mind killing people. The mad people over in the White Queen's land drive him crazy, but he leaves them be. He's very mysterious, and Stain has many things that bother him. 
what they think of Alice's return;; Ah. 
crush;; he did fancy alice a bit the last time he met her. . .
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