Name : Eve Whitmire (23)
Birthplace : San Diego, California
Position : Law Student
Bio : In a world of good and evil, origin's are everything. The events that lead you to this moment, the reason you are who you are. Sometimes they even provide, shall we say, an excuse. If you're a sick criminal with a tragic past, your recieve pity. People understand why you became this way. The Joker is a man with an un-told backstory. His name has begun creeping into your homes, filling your nightmares. The Joker's backstory is one that would inspire pity, more or less. His life is intertwined with another,persons - Eve Whitmore. His sister. The two are only 3 years apart in fact. They were born and raised in San Diego, by two cruel parents. Their mother was cruel, because she ignored and encouraged her husbands acts. Eve and "Joker", were abused by their father regularly. Sometimes apart, sometimes together. Their father tied up his children, leaving them naked and unfed for days at a time.He was a perverted man, with twisted fantasies. His wife toke pleasure in watching her children being tortured. You could only imagine what it was like to grow up in a such a home. Eve grew timid and unstable as the years went on, clinging to the only person should could trust. Her beloved brother. Due to their abuse and upbringing, the siblings eventually developed a twisted attraction. They began acting as a couple, with Eve being protected by her brother. While Eve grew timid, her brother turned darker and violent. He hid this side from her, not wanting to frighten her away. Untill one fatefull day, when it happend. Eve and "Joker" were well, having sex, when their father walked in. Outraged and jealous, he violently attacked Eve. In that moment, the Joker snapped. He tore a photo of the wall, pulling out the long nail holding it up. And then, he brutally murdered his father. When he was done, he turned to Eve, who he expected to be in tears or disturbed. Instead, she said "Why so serious?". Its been 7 years since that day. The Joker and Eve ran away, starting new lives. Eve had always wanted to go to school, so they devised a plan. She became a law student at Gotham, while Joker began his descent into the criminal world.
Model : Grace Small

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