Hey Guys <3
( Special credit to @ohwell-rachel for the two photos in the top left hand corner that she took herself, be sure to visit her profile, she's a great person x
Aside from that today was pretty bad for me even though I went shopping. I spent 3 hours tidying my mums bedroom with her which was cute as there was load of stuff from her childhood. So yeah that wasn't bad but shopping was because I like NEED a pair of (yes I am specif..) Light red high-top all star converse shoes but they were too expensive so yeah. :( But I will get them, one day. 
It annoys me so much beucase when I go shopping I ahve to get somthing other wise I come back in a rubbish mood and hide in my bed covers all day on Twitter, a little bit like I did today. Yeah. But its all good as I have had Ed Sheeran on repeat for 2 hours, Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix to watch later, Amazingphil's new video to watch, again, for the 3 time and to be able to eat all the high calorie foods in my house that i can find. 
Yay, my life.
( Sorry if my grammar was bad in that, I can't be bothered to go back and check it, even with auto correct on.)
Have a good day guys,
But remember,
Lululovesyou xx

( Oh my fuckin god it's a giraffe and danisnotonfire)
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