Seoul Mate

It's kind of long so prepare yourselves before reading lol !

“Why, unnie! Why? Why? Why?” I complained on the phone, Zsuzsi just laughed at my dramatic behavior.

“Wasn’t he your ideal type?” she teased me.

“Until he decided to become a jerk who thinks I’m a stalker!” I clenched my teeth furious. Zsuzsi chuckled loudly, probably amused by my complaints. “Oh! And by the way someone told Suho about my new house” I said charging my last words with sarcasm.

“Ups, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to tell him, it just happened” My friend apologized.

“He came over here and now he thinks the reason why I moved is because of Minho” 

“Wasn’t that the reason?” Zsuzsi snapped.

“Unnie!” I reproached as she laughed.

“Oh, my boyfriend’s calling, I have to go, I’ll call you later!” She hurriedly said.

“Ok, ok, leave me just like everybody else does” I joked theatrically as I hung up.

“Who would say I’d end like this?” I said to myself looking around, my new place was indeed nice, but it didn’t feel like a home, at least not yet. I sighed as I took my laptop and checked my mails. 

*It’s already 2-0-1-2, get ready to play like it’s the end of the world* my cellphone was ringing somewhere in my bag, I started to desperately look for it but I had so many things inside that when I finally found it the sound stopped, I looked at the number and immediately realized that I had forgot about someone. I dialed her number immediately.

“Unnie!” I greeted Joanna when she picked the phone.

“Hey! I was calling you home but you haven’t picked up since yesterday, are you ok?” She asked.

“Mmm, I thought Zsuzsi told you, I’m sorry I forgot to tell you I moved” I apologized.

“Oh! It’s ok, but don’t forget to invite me to the housewarming party, ok?” J giggled. “Ups, I have to go now, I’m having dinner at director Lee’s house I need to change my clothes” She explained.

“Don’t wear anything I wouldn’t design” I laughed before saying goodbye.

*Housewarming party? J’s idea is not bad at all, probably I should make one* I thought, after all I had enough space and I needed some distraction, yeah, a party was definitely a good idea. Next thing I did was calling G and telling him about it, he agreed to help me and I could hear his boyfriend’s excited voice offering to help me with the food. The preparations for the party started that night; no doubt we were going to have loads of fun.

The weekend finally arrived and I planned to stay at home and rest, I sat on my couch with a can of Red Bull and checked usual stuff on my laptop, mails, facebook, news… and then I saw it… his face, the face I didn’t want to see… Minho smiling brightly, that beautiful gaze of his and his messy hair completing that ideal image while he waved his hand, the title of the article ‘SHINee successfully holds Concert in Japan’ 

“Stupid SHINee” I mumbled, suddenly irritated. I closed my laptop annoyed and took my cellphone to play with it, but I noticed a text I had received about an hour ago, it was G.

*Today’s U-KISS fansign, Dongho’s last kid’s day celebration* I chuckled at the message. 

*Children's Day, you fool! So what? Do you want me to go and congratulate him? I won’t* I sent back.

*What about the jacket you made for him? Today’s the perfect day to give him a gift and if he uses it we’ll get some publicity :P *

*And I won’t go, at least not now that Jaeseop, who happens to be my new neighbor, thinks I’m following him everywhere*

*If you go and ignore him, he’ll change his mind*

*All the opposite, he’ll just get convinced that I’m crazy -_-*

*Oh, come on, I know you want to go, anyway if you change your mind don’t forget Dongho’s gift*

I don’t even know how but I ended by going to the aforesaid fansign event. After waiting in the line for what it seemed ages it was finally Zsuzsi’s turn, I prepared Dongho’s gift and waited patiently while he exchanged few words with my friend.

I received a signal from one of the people of the staff and I moved forwards, always trying to look normal.

“I prepared a gift for you” I didn’t even let him greet me, I just handed him the gift and he smiled back at me. 
“Thank you” He said flashing a cute smile, I put on the table my old Bran New Kiss album, since I already had their last disc autographed. He signed it and thanked me again.

“Please wear it nicely, I did it myself” I said as I waved goodbye and wished him a happy children’s day, earning laughs from Eli who merely greeted me and signed the album, next think I knew I was already standing in front of AJ, at first he smiled but when he recognized me his face tensed up.

“You again?” He said, looking at me incredulous, I just ignored him and stood waiting for my turn to see the rest of the guys. “Hey! I’m talking to you, why aren’t you giving me anything to sign?”

“I don’t want your sign” I said

“This is a fansign event” He said as if he was trying to explain that 1+1 was 2 to a kid.

“Yeah, but I came to give Dongho a gift, not to see you” I said trying to push Zsuzsi forward; she was just standing there smiling at Soohyun… that fangirl!

“I just hope I don’t have to see you never again in my life” he mumbled so only I could hear him. I leaned on the table as closer as possible to him.

“Too bad we live in the same building” I smirked and gave a step forwards ignoring the glares he was throwing at me. 

“That idiot!” I shouted frustrated when Zsuzsi and I were leaving the mall “What does he thing he is?”

“An idol?” My friend said shrugging.

“Exactl… are you making fun of me? Did you hear what he said to me? Oh, no! of course not because miss I-love-Soohyun was too busy smiling at him while I was stuck with that stupid…”

“Yah! You two look like a married couple.” She laughed at my bewildered face.

“What? No!” 

“I am just kidding! Don't be mad at me“ She stuck her tongue out as I rolled eyes

“It was not funny” I mumbled

Next morning I woke up early and decided to make some exercise, it had been a while since I made some physical activity and after all what else could I do on a Sunday morning except sleeping? I called G as I made my way out of my apartment wearing sweat pants and an oversized hoodie.

“Baby, do you know that normal people sleeps at 6 am on Sunday?” He asked me as I waited for the lift. “Do you have insomnia again?” I let out a yawn and leaned against the wall. 

“Yeah, but making some early exercise is not bad, is it?

“Good luck at it, I’m going back to sleep, you must be glad you woke me up to tell me about your jogging routine” He said and I could hear his boyfriend voice asking who was calling so early.
The elevator finally arrived to my floor and the doors opened to revel a young and tall man.

“G, I’ll call you later” I hung up.

“What is this?” Jaeseop added before I could go into the lift.

“I’d be able to answer your question if I knew exactly what you mean with this” I rolled eyes and went into the elevator, no doubt it was really uncomfortable being with him in such a small place alone.
“Don’t you think you’re making this too obvious?” I gave him a puzzled glance “I mean, it’s quite obvious that you’re trying to appeal me” He said, I burst into laughter.

“What? Are you…?” He interrupted me to continue his monologue.

“Just because I said my ideal type is a sporty girl, it doesn’t mean I’m going to fix my eyes on you just because you’re using sweat pants.”

“What?” I was perplex, I had no idea of what he was talking about but he seemed quite serious “You know what, you have a great imagination that you should use to write songs instead of making up conspiracy theories” I raised my voice and gave him an irritated glare. Fortunately it didn’t took long until the elevator stopped in the mezzanine and I just got out of it as fast as I could, of course without forgetting to give him a last terrible glance. A last thought came to my mind and suddenly I turned around and face him, looking him directly on the eyes. “And one last thing, no matter how much I love U-kiss, I will never ever again go to see you, this is the end! You jerk!” I yelled at him and I ran to the entrance, throwing the door on his face.

Later that day I found myself talking with my sister as I painted my nails.

“So you finally met U-kiss, you lucky girl! Did you see Eli?” She kept asking questions and I kept rolling eyes. 

“Yeah but that was last time I assist to such an event, from now on I’ll only focus on my work and all the important things I have to do” I said as my mom made her way into the room my sister was.

“Which I consider a very smart decision,” She laughed.

“Yeah, I don’t have to stand stupid comments from idiot idols” I said as I blew some air on my nails.

“Oh, come on, put yourself on his place, AJ must be scared of crazy fan girls!” My sister added as mom nodded.

“Let’s see this on the bright side” She said, my sister and I looked at her with expectation “You haven’t mention Minho” 

And she was right, I haven’t thought about him as much as I did past weeks, what did it mean? 

“Did I mention I’m having a party?” I avoided the subject smoothly. 

“Twice, already” 


@chomiczynka @nyamnyam I hope it's ok I used your characters ^^ feel free to write whatever for the party ^^
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