Wild Cats Rule Showcase sets by Polyvore Members

This collection will feature all kinds of sets that have a wild cat or wild cat theme.
Most or all of the sets will be selected from The Polyvore Galleries Wild Cats Rule challenge....here's the contest link, come on, enter your set, I might put it here :-)
  • Urban Bohemian with Madison Harding
    "The beautiful set is by a Poly we all adore, her sets are always filled to the brim with wonderful things, she is @hatsgaloore" — @linda-caricofe
  • Roadside Wild Cats
    "A walk on the wild side, whoot whoot :-) Set is by the fabulous Poly @loulynne" — @linda-caricofe
  • wild at heart
    "I think this set is so pretty...had to include it here for all to see..set is by @trish1972" — @linda-caricofe
  • Love Milk
    "O.K., who let the Tiger in, theeheheheheeeeee...oh my, makes me giggle like crazy set by @ likepolyfathion" — @linda-caricofe
  • Tiger Stripes
    "How can one not love the wild cats...long may they rein...beautiful set by @ ladypiraterose" — @linda-caricofe
  • White tiger
    "White with white, magnificent set, love this set by @lotte82" — @linda-caricofe
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side...
    "Honestly, if you ever need an idea for a set that is to include the wild, remember this collection....this set is by the fabulous Poly @divadebbi" — @linda-caricofe
  • come to my comfort zone
    "Trying to narrow the final 12 is proving to be very difficult, look at this beautiful set by @airora" — @linda-caricofe
    "B E A U T I F U L !!!! Love everything about this set, it has a wonderful presence...set is by @gustosamente" — @linda-caricofe
  • It's a jungle out there...
    "love it all, I would love to own the elephant cuff, cool set by that cool Poly @renee-switzer" — @linda-caricofe
  • Pistach Neon
    "That lime color with the white Tiger image, beautiful !!!!! Set is by @fatima-hojeij" — @linda-caricofe
  • Transform your look with COVERGIRL
    "WWOWOWOWOW, fantastic set by @ trish1972 , this set deserves more likes, come on folks, like like like, teheheheeheee :-) When U click like you get a buzzzzz , no kidding, it's a medical fact" — @linda-caricofe
  • The Lions Roar
    "Outstanding set by a Poly who is outstanding herself :-) She is @mrsochrasy , LOVE the fashions in this set, and the Lions are most beautiful, 2 thumbs up" — @linda-caricofe
  • Let Your Light Shine
    "This set is by a wonderful Poly that is honest and true, with the gift of art too, she is @colbysma" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #367
    "no words needed, this set has my heart, set is by a most artistic Poly @temitopeze" — @linda-caricofe
  • If I Were An Animal
    "Amazing vivid set, wild with color and art, by the I want to be a Leopard Poly, @kathy-martenson-sanko , greeeeeeeeeeeeat !" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #421
    "sexy wild set by a @noralyn" — @linda-caricofe
  • Enter Lady Khan
    "This set is unique, I love unique sets.....set is by a Poly who creates neat sets, she is @amelanniza" — @linda-caricofe
    "Magnificence defined, set is by that wonderful Poly @fantasiegirl" — @linda-caricofe
  • Born to be Wild
    "Wild thing, you know I like it, but, I wanna know for sure, theeheee, wild thing song...wild set by a wild Poly, she's @ luv2create4u" — @linda-caricofe
  • Dangeroulsy Chic
    "ROARRRRRRRR, WHAMMO set by that whammo Poly @cathy1965" — @linda-caricofe
  • Rosie!!!!
    "This is such a pretty set, where is the wild cat? Let's pretend it's hiding in the clutch. The set is so pretty, I wanted to share it with everyone. It will not quailfy for the contest, but, it's beautiful anyway. Set maker is @alicekaur" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wild Cats Rule
    "This set is beyond cool, so is that Poly @charlotte-shuann Notice, Wild Cats Rule text...girl you are awesome !!!!!" — @linda-caricofe
  • Shay Mitchell Prom
    "pretty set by a wonderful little Poly, she is @chey-love" — @linda-caricofe
  • ~~ EYE OF THE TIGER ~~
    "Hot hot hot...that @queenofthegypsies is a Poly that knows wild things...yepper, she does, tehehehee" — @linda-caricofe
  • Untitled #1153
    "I remember this set. I LOVE book mark sets, this one is by that fab Poly @indy" — @linda-caricofe
  • ~~ MAN & BEAST ~~
    "Whoot whoot wild thing !!!! WOWOWOW set by that cool Poly @queenofthegypsies" — @linda-caricofe
  • Summer Summer Summertime...
    "I like that butt & I cannot lie, teeheheeeee...ah, I mean, wowser wild things set by @bamaannie" — @linda-caricofe
    "totally neat wild things set by @margaretferreira" — @linda-caricofe
  • "Wild Thing"
    "Wild is beautiful...this set proves it :-) By a wonderful Poly too, she is @victorianheaven" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cat Eye Glasses
    "In the Rabbit Hole where the wild things , cool ,
    eh :-) set by @vintageeyeglasses" — @linda-caricofe
  • Cat Eye Glasses
    "Look and you will see, this Poly created the Leopard's reflection in the water, how cool is that !...this Poly is @vintageeyeglasses" — @linda-caricofe
  • Tiger Woman
    "Totally wild eye catching set by a Poly who is so much fun, she is @fantasiegirl" — @linda-caricofe
  • Natural Beauty
    "The beauty of the wild is color. Beautiful set for this challenge by a totally cool Poly, she is @ccr1" — @linda-caricofe
  • ~~ WILD CATS RULE ~~
    "She's one of Polyvore's friendliest Polys and she knows the Wild Cats Rule well, fantastic set by @queenofthegypsies" — @linda-caricofe
  • Animalier..McQueen
    "fabulous !!!! by the fabulous @nicolevalents" — @linda-caricofe
  • On the Prowl
    "look at that jewel Monkey in the tree, AND the Leopard lady !!!!! AND THOSE HEELS !!!!!! @loulynne knows the Wild Cats Rule deal, theheehehe :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wild Cats
    "all wild things, so fab....the prints, and that Panther, so beautiful, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY, this set is by a Poly who all love to see, she's @elske88" — @linda-caricofe
  • Black GOLD
    "Whoot whoot WOWOWOWOWOW set by @katc, LOVE all of this" — @linda-caricofe
  • envy
    "Beautiful set, by @mockedpickle who also has a neat Polyvore Group, be sure to check out her group too :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • "into the wild........."
    "The beauty of the magnifcent wild cats is shown by @myersna , they are graceful , majestic, and deserve mankind's respect...beautiful set, 2 thumbs up" — @linda-caricofe
  • Beauty Throught The Eye Of A Tiger
    "The magnificence of the wild cat amongst the luxury items, oh my, swooning...wowowowwow, by that fab Poly @mzdiamondgirl" — @linda-caricofe
  • Fire
    "Wild as all get out, hot set is by that fantastic Poly @kittyfantastica" — @linda-caricofe
  • ...
    "art , truly art, each detail as though painted with paint and a brush, beautiful set by the wonderful @necyluv" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wild about Leopard Print
    "2 thumbs up to @ likepolyfathion outstanding set.....all of it, love this" — @linda-caricofe
  • Kitties of the Bigger Variety
    "The wild cats, may they rein forever ...wonderful images of these beautiful cats by @queenrachietemplateaddict" — @linda-caricofe
  • Chic & Sexy in Africa
    "WOWOWOWWOOW, she's a DOLL !!! Awesome editing, 2 thumbs up to you @mary-gereis" — @linda-caricofe
  • Africa, here I come ! Safari Fashion at its Best
    "wild cat safari set, so cool..love it ! Set is by @mary-gereis" — @linda-caricofe
  • Black & White
    "Amazing set in black and white, very difficult to create, and that cat....AWESOME..Beautiful set by @katc" — @linda-caricofe
  • Beautiful Cougar!
    "The bottom shot is one of the most beautfiul photos ever of a wild cat...2 thumbs up @lois-boyce-flack , this image stole my heart" — @linda-caricofe
  • live for love
    "Oh my, such a pretty set...lovely ! By @airora" — @linda-caricofe
  • Vegetarian Friends
    "Wild cats are fab cats, YAYAYYAYAYAAY, adorable set by @patrizia-brasil" — @linda-caricofe
  • Leopard
    "You know a set is good when the viewer remembers it..I remember this wonderful set...it's fashion art, ...everything fits perfectly together...set is by @easystyle, her Poly name fits her to a T :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Plus Size Kitten
    "Red hot and wild chic....that's @natasha-gayden, whoops, I mean , that's her set, teheheheheee :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Fire Beast
    "Wonderful display of the power and beauty of the big wild cats....@cathy1965 you rock :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Let's get wild
    "I say, WILD and CHIC bebe !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go @bermuda-tricorne, this is a hot hot chic set :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Roberto Cavalli
    "WOWOWWOWOWOWOW, you know you are thinking that too, teheheheee...wowser set is by @girlyideas , she's wowowwow too :-)" — @linda-caricofe
  • Panther Pants!
    "I remember this set, look at the Panther pants, so wild !!!! Set maker is one that all of us on Poly adore, she is @elske88" — @linda-caricofe
  • My Favourite Set
    "Grrrrrrrrr, awesome set, LOVE the wild cats , LOVE the fashion too...wild set is by the wonderful @patmorr" — @linda-caricofe
  • Her fierce attitude comes from within ~~
    "Yeah, Polyvore Galleries is wild this week, hear us ROAR :-) Wowser set by the wonderful @thru-these-eyes" — @linda-caricofe
  • Wild Cats Rule the Polyvore Galleries U In Yet?
    "All kinds of sets that show a wild cat theme, this will be a beautiful collection that I know everyone will enjoy" — @linda-caricofe


Wrote two years ago
omg thank you so much! I can't believe you wrote a statement under each set, that's really soooo kind! Thank you for your words, it means the world to me!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you Linda for adding my set to this "wild" collection!

Wrote two years ago
Meeooowww ~ Thank you Linda! Fabulous collection ♥♥♥

Wrote two years ago
Thank you my darling friend!!!! You are the Wildest CAT I know!! Also, the sweetest!!! PUUURRRRRR!!!!

Wrote two years ago
It's there now, LInda! This is just such a gorgeous collection. I'm so glad you liked my little bookmark!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for adding my set to this collection. Hope all is well with you. Sending you hugs.

Wrote two years ago
Wild Cats....I love this contest. Thanks for putting together such a great collection. ..and including my set!

Wrote two years ago
Grazie Linda per aver aggiunto il mio set..!! :)
Ti auguro una splendida settimana..!!

Wrote two years ago
wow thank you ;]

Wrote two years ago
Thank You for including my set in this Gorgeous Collection!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set to this wildy wonderful collection :) !

Wrote two years ago
This is a great collection my dear ! Thank you for adding my sets ! xo xo xo !

Wrote two years ago
Love this collection of wild Kats.... ooop cats!! TeheheHeee. Thanks for including my set!!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks a lot for adding myset to this beautiful collection!

Wrote two years ago
check out my profile


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