(Warning!!! Sexual content)

I saw Savannah outside taking a drag on her cigarette, I watched her from a safe distance. I liked her style, the way she moved, she way she laughed and talked. I was intrigued by her. I walked over.
"Hey Gorgeous." I said as I approached her, she swung round and smiled.
"Hey gorgeous back." she laughed, "You up to much?"
I shook my head wondering if an afternoon with Savannah would be a,laugh, I needed some company, I needed some laughter to drown out my thoughts.
"Right well if you haven't got anything better to do I think we should get wasted." she said and grabbed my arm, I willingly went with her.
And I really didn't have anything better to do.
"Right show us what you got." she said turning to me, I handed her a pill.
"You are a darling." she teased and put it on her tongue. 
I looked at the pill in my hand, this little number would send me far away from this place, I smiled. Savannah picked the pill up from the palm of my hand.
"Hey." I shouted playfully, Savannah put the pill in her mouth and stuck her tongue out. 
I knew she was a tease but I was having fun, hurting no one. I slid my tongue into her mouth, I swallowed the pill and we kissed passionately, it felt good. As we kissed in an alley way, I could feel the MDMA kicking in, the feelings of elation washing over my body. I liked to be far from reality.
"Right what now." yelled Savannah, her eyes wild, we were like two birds with not a care in the world.
We walked past the staff car park, just the other day I had been there with Adriana setting off car alarms. 
"What are you doing?" I called to Savannah, who was crouched by a car.
"Trying to open the door." She said, her voice excited and energetic.
"F*ck, yeah let's do it." I laughed, I didn't care one bit let alone think about the consequences.
We pulled open the door and sat there trying to find away to start the car, after matching the wires and giggling away as we sent sparks flying, the engine roared up. We drove off in some awful professors car but the way we were acting you would have thought we would have stolen a Farrari.
"Riley you are so wild." Savannah purred, while pushing her hand through my hair.
"You too gorgeous." I smiled back, I pulled into a side road, it was empty and there were no other cars about. 
"I don't think I have met another woman quite like you." I said pulling myself over to the passengers side of the car. 
We kissed.
"I take it that is a good thing." Savannah whispered, she oozed self confidence and I liked that. 
She was sexy.
Slowly items of clothes pealed off, skirts hoisted up, trousers pulled down, my heart beating faster as Savannah pulled my shirt open and kissed my chest. It felt good, it all felt good, my head was buzzing filled with energy and vibrance, in front of me was a beautiful woman and I felt amazing. I could hear my voice groan, I wanted her so bad. 


"Hey! Adriana. Just the person I wanted to talk to." I said tapping her on the shoulder.
"Hi. I was... not anywhere near you. This was the first time I've seen you today." she answered nervously, I could tell something was wrong.
"Nothing. I'll go now."
"You want to hang out Saturday?" I said trying to work out what was wrong.
"No. I don't want to hang out any time. Just please, if you're going to fraternize with wh*res I don't think it's such a good idea." she said crossing her arms and she walked away.
I was confused, how did she know about me and Savannah, but why did she care? Then it suddenly hit me, was Adriana bother by what I did, did she care about me? The thought confused me at first but the more I dwelled on it, the more I wanted to rectify our friendship, she meant something to me, I liked to be with her. I didn't know what that meant right now but I wasn't going to let it go to waste.
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