Once Upon A Time Season 2 review (spoilers): 

Following the cliffie at the end of Season OUAT, I had to see Season 2. I thought you can't just leave me hanging like that! 

Season 1 had a clear plot, which was about breaking the curse but with season 2 the plot was unclear because there were a lot things going on. I probably enjoyed season 1 more, but season 2 was still good. 

I like the introduction of Mulan into the story! Mulan was one of my favourite Disney characters. I wasn’t too fond of Princess Aurora to be honest, which is kind of ironic because I enjoyed Sleeping Beauty when I was younger. 

Anyway so in the fairytale land, Prince Philip is marked by a wraith that sucks your soul, which looks very very similar to a Dementor from Harry Potter! I am judging OUAT on how original that really was. At the same time in Storybrooke...Regina is also marked. So a way to stop the wraith from Regina is to use the hat to open a portal but the wraith ended up grabbing Emma in the process and Mary Margaret jumps in after her yelling ‘I’m not leaving you again!’

For the first half of the series was about Emma and Mary Margaret getting back to Storybrooke. After some time they do eventually get back after managing jump through the portal. I liked the part when Emma punched Hook and he fainted LOL. Talk about GIRL POWER, YEAH. 

I enjoyed seeing the backstories of Cora with guest star Rose McGowan and what happened to Baelfire. How strange how the boy Peter Pan wanted is Henry and he wasn’t even born yet! I like how the writers twisted things up and made Peter Pan a villain. 

The last few episodes were quite good. How ironic there are two new antagonists Greg and Tamara? WHAT! I guess I knew they weren’t there for nothing. No character is there for nothing. Look at Neal – he turned out to be Baelfire! It’s a race to get the beans before Storybrooke is destroyed. It looks like Emma is about to get send into the Enchanted forest again after Tamara opened the portal. Neal fell in instead but Emma held him to stop him falling in. She said she loved him and he said he loved her too before he let go D: that scene gave me feels :|

I have already started on Season 3 : ) So much for watching Sherlock, True Detective and Teen Wolf S3!

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