+ THE GAMBLER (fun.)

i'm in such love with this song. i have been for quite a while but i'm not sure i expressed it. oh well. survey time!


favorite cereal as a kid?
- when i was really young like from when i was an infant to when i was around four i was in love with honey nut cheerios. buuuut, when i got older i became really fond of cap'n crunch. it's still probably my favorite today.
favorite body part on yourself?
- my eyes. definitely. i always get complimented on them.
chocolate or vanilla?
- vanilla. not even a competition.
sound you love?
- the crunching of leaves is always really great. same with the distant fall of rain on my roof. but my favorite is probably hearing coffee brewing. i like it for more reasons then you might suggest, though! ooh. the sound of a big city is also great. ack. i don't know!

sound you hate?
- nails on a chalkboard. as cliche as it is, it honestly makes me cringe so badly no matter how many times i hear it. or squeaking shoes on freshly waxed floors! ew! no!
first celebrity crush?
- i'm pretty sure it was either cole sprouse or ricky ullman.
biggest fear?
- abandonment. dying without making a change. dying and knowing that i never experienced true love. ending up alone. losing my family and loved ones. not being able to achieve my dreams. lots of things scare me.
favorite depression song?
- don't speak by no doubt, starring role by marina & the diamonds, teen idle by marine & the diamonds, the scientist by coldplay and also you oughta know by alanis morissette ((especially when i'm feeling super angsty)).
where do you see yourself in twenty years?
- i'll be thirty five so hopefully i'm happily married, i have kids, i'm in a stable job wherever that may be and just happy.
favorite makeup item?
- eyeliner. i nearly never leave my house without some on.
hardest part of your body to dress?
- my chest. i'm kind of small in that department so it's hard to find things that accent that.
kiss on a first date?
- sure! why not?
favorite movie kiss?
- the notebook kiss. no competition there.
favorite word?
- either eternity or serendipity. 
least favorite word?
- i'm not sure! ooh. i actually do know. the girl 'c' word. i can't even say it.
what position do you sleep in?
- i sleep on my left side towards the fan on my bedside table. i usually flip a lot, though.
if you had to marry a cartoon character who would it be?
- danny phantom!
perfect song to get ready to?
- these days it's been just can't get enough, the glee version.
- dianna elise agron. my looooove. also @it-tasteslikepink but we're married so i'm not sure that counts. <3
facial hair or no facial hair?
- a little scruff is alright. the only full on beard i find attractive is darren. such a homless boy. <3
movie character you hate?
- hmm. not sure! the duke from moulin rouge is terrible. also dolores umbridge & cal from titanic. ooh! and meredith from the parent trap! i really hate them all. lol.
last text message on your phone?
outgoing? "BLESS YOU BOTH" to my san and my britt. <3
incoming? "you are adorable omfg also deep man voice in the background??" from @it-tasteslikepink.
desktop background?
- it's the traditional blue background my computer came with. idk how to describe it.

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