I Will Fly, Chase The Wind And Touch The Sky: A Merida Inspired Collection

•My interpretation of what a modernized Disney princess would wear. I wanted the collections to be modern and stylish yet still have that classic fairytale charm that makes Disney so special. Enjoy!
So Merida might be the coolest princess ever! She's independent and rebellious and all around awesome! Her personality is as free and wild as her hair! I wanted her look to be some sort of mixture of prep and punk with lots of tartan and scottish pieces. I also wanted her collection to look functional since Merida is very active and low maintenance. I ended up really loving this one more than I thought I would and I think it has a really cool overall look that really fits Merida well!

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Wrote 4 months ago
Merida is badass.

Wrote one year ago
So amazing! #rememberrhys

Wrote two years ago
Love this!


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