Through the Trees by Low Shoulder

This isn't a real band. For those of you that haven't seen Jennifer's Body (which is totally ok, it wasn't really the best), it goes like this (spoiler alert, don't read this if you wanna see the movie) Megan Fox's character, a high schooler named Jennifer, goes to this band's concert. Turns out they're a bunch of devil worshippers, and they kidnap Jennifer to use as a virgin sacrifice. Jennnifer wasn't a virgin, so it didn't work. She died and got possessed by a succubus. Demonic Megan Fox then sleeps with like every other guy in school and eats them. Also DemonJen and Amanda Seyfriend make out. That's the best I can describe the whole movie. Amanda eventually kills her with a box opener. When I told my mum about the movie she said, "Why would anyone assume that Megan Fox was a virgin? ".

The movie wasn't all that good, but the soundtrack was AMAZING. Panic! At The Disco, Florence and the Machine, Cute is What We Aim For, Little Boots, etc.

This outfit is kind of Jennifer post-possession inspired, AKA dressing in a way wholly inappropriate gor high school.

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