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Song choice: Blue Jeans-Lana Del Rey

i used this item: http://www.polyvore.com/monica_vinader_18ct_gold_plated/thing?id=53958045

@prilsplace's question: Name three (3) things you like that start with the letter 'B'.
answer:blue, bags, bed

1. Pick a song.
2. Make a line from that song be a title in your set.
3. In that set, use one item from this set.
4. Tag 5-10 more people and tell them to do the same.
5. Ask a random question! (and answer mine too)

My question: Which is ur dream??

I tag:
- @aniael 
- @purplehooligan 
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- @natialordkipanidze 
- @terrelyn-thomas-no-tags 
- @ffpava 
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