- Top Set // January 7th, 2O13 // first top set of the year♥ -

let me love you - the wanted

I just can't with that song^

I mean, the lyrics are BEAUTIFUL enough as it is. 

But to have THE freakin' WANTED sing it it's just a - very successful - attempt to kill me. 

just listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e11XZ85ixY

I dare you to tell me it's not beautiful.
I just love those boys so much it hurts <- & it's absolutely beautiful♥

on other news, this is my first set of 2O13!

how was everyone's New Year celebrations? 
I'm still a bit tipsy from last night :) but it's all good.

i forgot to add the item into the set, but whatever I'm on day 13 ( first day of 2O13 & I'm on day 13. hmm... )

Day 13 ; Something you'd change.

- my boyfriend. from "non-exsistent" to "Harry Styles". Or "Nathan Sykes". Either one is fine by me. ;) Or both. Both could work too.

- - - -

talking about Harry;

how are all my Directioners handling the 'Haylor Kiss'??

I'm really disappointed in everyone sending hate to Harry OR Taylor. If they're happy then let them be.

Yeah I know it's hard to see someone you love so very much be with someone else, but still. 
Isn't love not only about caring for someone BUT to also want the best for them? 
Even if that "best for them" means letting them be happy with someone else? 

What I am really sad about is that Harry didn't tell us from the start. 

At the same I think that all this that is happening right now, all this HATE to both of them is EXACTLY what they were trying to avoid by not just dropping the Haylor bomb on us from the very beginning. 

No. I do not like them together. I never have & I'll probably never will; but I RESPECT them.
Go ahead and dislike them all you want but don't go around sending them hate or unfollowing either of them.
Isn't that what everyone wants at the end of the day? For our boys to be happy?

- okay. I'm done with my rant now.

let's all be happy again, okay? :)

&& t a g - l i s t ;;
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