Alias: Medusa
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Power: Vision-based powers (includ. night vision, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, heat vision, freeze vision)
Likes: literature, knitting, vintage clothing, over-sized sweaters, europe, winter, nightfall, jewelry, singing, men, ankle boots, drinking, dark colours, candles, travelling, intimate relationships, nature
Dislikes: immature behaviour, judgemental people, being told what to do, uniforms, rules, beer, sky-high shoes, over-confidence
Biography: Elliot hadn't always been the outsider at school; she was once a social butterfly who had many friends and even a boyfriend, which would surprise anyone who knew of her in the present day. At a young age of 12, Elliot began to experience difficulties with her sight and being of a young and immature age, she chose not to speak out about it. Gradually through the years, her eyesight became awful and simple tasks became a struggling effort. Her grades fell and that's when the teasing began; she was placed in the classes that provided large amounts of aid for teenagers that struggled with their learning. When the teasing and bullying began, she couldn't defend herself due to the tragicly declined eye sight. Elliot was 16 when she first explored the 'gift' that was her vision-based powers. The explorations began by accident; freezing her own mother, setting grass on fire, seeing through walls and witnessing things she can never unsee. It wasn't until after school she was waiting for her bus, a gentleman approached her with a warm smile. Charles Xavier had found the suffering young teenager and welcomed her to Xavier Boarding School where her powers could be mastered and she wouldn't be harrassed. Charles willingly convinced her single mother but it was almost too easy since her mother was growing tired and a little frightened of her daughter's condition. Now, she's turning 20 and nowhere near as popular as her young self was. Elliot's forced to wear specially made glasses, if you could call them that, in order to prevent her from using her powers. When she began at the boarding school, she didn't have the control over her powers due to the severe force that a simple stare could do. You can usually find Elliot sitting outside, reading thick novels and most likely alone. Many of the others attending the school either think 1. she's scary due to the powers she beholds or 2. she's a freak because, well, some people are just low. Due to the way people treat her, she avoids others except for a couple of people she calls her friends. But remember, that took 3 years for Elliot to accept them as her friends. 
(mila de wit)

Yet another quiet and lonely day full of stares and whispering. You really would expect more respect from people like yourself, who know exactly what it feels like to feel different, alone and unwanted. You'd think that they would stick with their own kind but even mutants turn their back on other mutants. 

I pushed my hair out of what would have been my eyes but was now, the gold high-tech glasses I had been forced to wear until I could control my powers to the extent that they wanted. I was gradually gaining control but when something as strong as the power I behold is contained in my eyes, it's unbareable like it has a mind of its own.

It wouldn't entirely surprised me if it did have a mind of it's own. The amount of crap it's sent me through over the past five or more years. I would have loved to have been a normal kid with a normal life but for some reason I was tossed into the looney bin. Surprisingly, I hadn't been the only person to be tossed into the looney bin.

I was torn from my thoughts when a figure bumped into me, sending me to the floor and causing gasps around the hallway, which was lined with students. I glanced up to see the blond male walking as if nothing had happen, which meant the students were watching like flies on the wall.

They were watching and waiting,
for my reaction. 

"Act like I'm invisible, how polite" I grumbled, dusting off my already tacky jeans and fixed my glasses which had become loose from the impact of this man.

"What did you just say to me?" the figure turned around. I wasn't expecting him to acknowledge me, after all, he basically pushed me to the ground without realising it.

"I'm not invisible so don't think you can walk through me" I spoke up, standing my ground and at this point, entirely fed up with the poor treatment that I've dealt with for too long.

"You musn't know who you're speaking with, little lady" he replied, taking a couple of steps toward me and closing the gap. You could feel the air being sucked out of the room as everyone held in their breath.

"She's going to, she really will" I heard a girl whisper to her friend, the silence had cheekily revealed her whisper to the entire hall. 

"I'm not little and haven't you heard of treating women with respect" I spat. It was in the matter of moments, the students began to flee when a voice boomed from the end of the hallway.

"Whoever makes the first move will be severely punished" Mister Xavier spoke, his eyes watching us like a hawk.

"Well, I enjoy solitary confinement so I guess I should make the first move" the man smirked. His stance changed after that statement and before he had the chance to make another move, I flicked my glasses up and it seemed like he was frozen in that spot.

"Defence, sir" I called out sternly, not daring to turn. "I could have died" I muttered quietly to myself, flicking my glasses back on.

The next thing I regretted but I remembered something I had read so long ago. I read that it wasn't weak to cry, it just showed that you were strong.

I fell to my knees, at the frozen man's feet. There was one thing I loved about these glasses and that was that nobody ever saw you cry. 

I jumped a little when I felt a pair of arms around my shoulders, I peeked through my hair that had formed a shield around my face. Logan had been called to aid Mister Xavier in the fight that was moments from breaking out. I wiped my cheek quickly, using the sleeve of my sweater, "I'm an animal" I sobbed.

Logan slowly helped me to my feet and I soon noticed that the frozen man was no longer in the hallway; it shocked me that they had taken him away so silently without either of us noticing. "You're not an animal" Logan responded, walking alongside me toward Mister Xavier's office.

"I shouldn't have done that" I said, my voice shaky from crying. "You were defending yourself" he paused, "now, sit here until Charles calls you in" he sat me out the front of Mister Xavier's office.

I looked down at my hands and closed my eyes. I wished for a normal life but what I wanted most was respect. It seemed like nobody knew the meaning of respect these days.

Then I was left questioning, 'will they ever know the meaning of respect?'
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