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NAME; celeste mazur, 21
MAJOR; chemistry
HOMETOWN; greenwich, connecticut
BIO; celeste comes from high society in our very own connecticut. she was raised alone, by her father as an only child, but she had enough money to fill the void of a mother. she spent her summers in the hamptons, and her school years in new york city, attending the convent of sacred heart academy since her youth. she was driven in a limo every day, until she put her foot down and decided to take the train herself. she always wanted to rebel. she began a crazy, wild partying life in high school, and when she applied early to yale, she hadn't anticipated her acceptance. but when she was, she let loose. for good. she partied and drank so much, that her father stomped his foot down. she was sent to rehab. there, she met a few wild parties, but eventually, found herself on the right path, the path of god. and in the fall, she went off to yale. but at a college campus, drugs and alcohol were something one couldn't avoid. jesus fell back into the back-burners of celeste's life, but she surprised everyone when she made her way into lux in tenebris. but now, she's struggling to keep her 3.8 gpa up, especially with a chemistry major. science has always been the one thing that... clicked for celeste. but now, now... all she wants is to smoke a joint on conditus' steps and have a little fun.
MODEL; daphne groeneveld (suggested)
TAKEN BY; @rock-and-rose maybe? 

top three; 
1. celeste mazur 
2. bambi mahoney 
3. catherine novenkakov 

why i should get this part; 
celeste's bio really stood out for me. i feel like i can really relate to the character. being a student in right now, i know what it feels like experiencing that pressure to have a perfect gpa. i'm not a chemistry genius, but i am currently majoring in the science/medical field. and... i'm really interested about this roleplay. i love the idea and i'm excited about where it will go. 


I sat at my desk, highlighter in one hand and ink pen in the other, prepared for a productive night of studying. Unfortunately, my night had become anything but productive. My chemistry book sat open before me and my color-coded note cards were strewn about the room. I had spent the last hour staring at the same page referring to covalent bonds. 

I was usually so good at this. Studying was supposed to be my thing. But tonight I was just… distracted. 

No matter how hard I tried to keep focus, there was always /something/ that caught my attention. Plus, it didn’t help that I had become the world’s worst procrastinator overnight. Never wait until the last minute to study for big exam. I wanted—no, needed—an A on this next exam if I had any chance of keeping my GPA up. Sure, my current average looked good, but I was struggling to keep it steady. The longer I attended Yale, the more difficult the course work became—which was expected, of course. This is an ivy league institute, after all. But what once gave me so much joy was now making my life a living hell. I found myself counting down the days until it was over. 

I needed a break, a chance to forget everything, a chance to let go. 

I sighed loudly and stared, once again, at my chemistry book. I considered slamming my head against the detested thing. Drastic, I know, but maybe I could get the facts through my head that way. Deciding against this, I yawned and stretched, leaning so far back in my seat that the front legs of the chair lifted off the floor. I grabbed for my desk as an attempt to regain my balance but the chair fell backward in a loud thump and crash. I’m sure the whole dorm heard it. 

I sat up, rubbing the back of my head. The desk drawer sat upside down at my feet; it must have fallen out when I was grabbing for something. I sat the chair up and began picking up the things that had fallen out of the drawer, mostly pens and pencils, but then I noticed a silver case. Curious, I opened it and noticed three altoid mints, a set of matches, and a joint. 

I picked up the joint. How long had this been in there? I hadn’t smoked in years, not since rehab. Don’t get me wrong, temptation was always there, though I had pretty much kept myself away from anything that would ruin my progress. Out of sight, out of mind. I was supposed to thrown all my stash away, but somehow, this one had found a way back into my possession. 

I struck a match. In just a few moments all of this could be over. No stress. No more studying. The whole world would dissolve into nothing…

No. I’d come this far without it. I blew out the match, opened the window, and threw the joint out into the cold night as far as possible. 

Not now. 

Not tonight.
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