Name:Thomas Collins
Age: 19
Occupation/Major: Accounting Major/Soccer Scholarship
Bio:Thomas was born into a family with an abundance of money but lack of affection. He is shy but confident in himself. He worries people only like him because of his status or money and not for him. Distrustful and withdrawn he went through school with people thinking he was arrogant and too good for them. But it was self-preservation. The only thing that gave him any real joy was Soccer. He's been playing the sport since he was seven years old and ti's the only thing that matters to him. His father disapproves but hasn't gone far enough to ban his son from playing. He is a Stockbroker, an accomplished trader and wants his son to follow in his footsteps. Thomas doesn't mind the work but he just wants to go Pro, not be stuck in a suit and an office all day every day.
`Being Outside
`Being dirty
`Classic Rock music
`Seeing plays
`Finding people that are real
`His hair
`Being stuffed in a suit
`Going to fancy parties
`being forced to mingle
`Girls who wear to much makeup
Model:Simon Nessman
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Thomas walked out onto the field. He was alone and just wanted to kick the ball around a bit. He'd just finished one of his more important finals and was feeling anxious. His father was always putting so much emphasis on the academics but Thomas always did amazingly well. Each report card earned approval but surprise from his father which always irked Thomas. He grabbed a ball from the locker room and kicked it hard onto the field, chasing after it. He had constantly tried speaking to his father about what he really wanted which was to go pro in soccer. He was really good at it, earned a full ride to Columbia and Cornell, not to mention a few others. He had chosen Columbia and was enjoying his time in the city, close to home and his mother who was a wonderful cook. He couldn't understand what would be so terrible about him being an athlete.

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