Will Robinson's Art Portfolio {A Bitnrp Collection}

{A great deal of the art on here is done by burdge.tumblr.com and I do NOT take credit for it - I simply and admiring it, and...sort of saying this is how my character draws. I'm not in any way trying to steal credit for her work, just displaying it}
This is Will Robinson's notebook(s) of what he draws - this is his main style of drawing. Most of the time he just doodles when he has time - and he works on drawings little at a time - and some times he actually applies more effort rather than a drawing he works on for a few class periods until he's decided to move on. He has an art portfolio that he's been putting together since he was about fifteen, and he hopes to go to art school one day, chances permitting...but he has some work he does for the school newspaper he does in here too. He gets inspiration from everyday life, so many of his objects that he draws are friends and family, and sometimes random people he's in class with, and sometimes people he just sees people he passes in the halls - and he draws from memory or off of pictures.
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Wrote one year ago
I love this.

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Wrote one year ago
@much-better-now well thank you ^-^ sort of...since none of them are my own drawings XD

Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
@much-better-now @let-there-be-light @nutz4lutz hola...


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