Poppy, Alto and me were out searching for food as our supply was getting smaller and smaller as the days went on. We had ventured further into a part of the forest that we had not visited before, hoping that there would be a decent amount of food. We came across a patch of Katniss roots that looked like it had a decent amount of plants there. After hours of collecting, our bags were heavy with Katniss roots. As we got up to leave, a larger tribute had entered the patch. He was the boy from District 7 and man was he 10 times bigger than me. He was very tall and muscular and had a pale face. "Please give me some of your food." he said in no more than a mere whisper. 
I hesitated. He looked weak and exhausted plus he wasn't a Career. Just before I opened my mouth to speak the boy fell forward onto the ground. I gasped. A knife was lodged into his back. I knew it wasn't mine cause I definitely didn't throw it. I saw a figure in the distance grinning, her eyes glowing like a cat. I knew exactly who it was. One word popped into my head. 


Poppy and Alto sprinted off, trailed by me running. I could hear my heart pounding in my head and I suddenly felt dizzy. I tripped over a log and did a forward roll, landing on the ground with a big thud. Alto helped me up and we were all back to running. Once we got back to the safety of our camp I saw a figure walk off away from Celeste. I had heard a snippet of their conversation. I've got really good hearing you see. It's a blessing and a curse. "What are you doing?" I asked, sounding uncharacteristically icy. 
"Oh you guys are back!" she said, smiling awkwardly. 
"You gave all our food to Nigel!" Poppy cried in horror. How Poppy knew his name is beyond me. 
"Well-" Celeste started, thinking of what to say next.
"Celeste! How-what?" Alto splutters, angrily. 
"You betrayed us!" I exclaimed sharply, cutting her off. 
"Wait." She pleads, looking at me. "It's not what it looks like!"
I grab a knife from my belt and glare at her. "I think it is."
"Patricia! Please! Wait till I explain my side of the story!" She begs, as tears accumulate in her eyes. 
Without entirely thinking things through, I aim the knife at her head about to throw. "I won't listen until you've got a knife in your head." Celeste gasped, shocked. I admit I was shocked at my behavior right now. But hey. The games change you. Poppy steps in and looks me in eye. "Patricia! Your being too rash! I trust her. Let her explain."
"Tie her up." Alto snaps. I nod in agreement and hand him the rope. When you come to think of it I'm the only one who hasn't been tied up. Yet. Celeste sits there as Alto ties her up. She gets an apologetic look from Poppy and a glare from both me and Alto. "Okay." she starts, beginning to narrate her side of the story. "You guys had left and I was all alone. I had heard Nigel coming and I tried to escape but he caught. I knew he wasn't a threat but I tried to run. But he came to plead. The Careers turned on him, and he was begging to be in our alliance."
"Why didn't you let him?" Whimpers Poppy. 
"Shush!" Both me and Alto say in unison. 
"He was begging so I didn't know what to do! Because...." Celeste lowers her voice. "....he used to be my best friend. I had to do something. So I gave him some fish and crackers. And I well sent him on his way. I really do hope you understand."
When I realize he was her district partner, my face softens and my eyes fill with tears in remembrance of Caesar. I look at her. I let her go and apologize for not trusting her. We all do. I can't help thinking Nigel manipulated Celeste. He didn't look very hungry, he actually looked like he had eaten very recently. I think theres more the Nigel than appears to be. Poppy, Alto and me don't mention the District 7 boy's death. His cannon, like Caesar's ripped my heart out. 
No end credits this time. 

@iheartny33 like my viewpoint on the story?

For @bayersturm's contest. 

Also big thanks to @jessie15678 for sponsoring me! That was really awesome of you. Your a real life saver. <3

I'm really proud of this set. It took me a while even though it kinda failed. Expect more awesome sets like this. I know I can never live up to the standards of @the-girl-who-was-on-fire and @kgirlstyle. But you can't blame a girl for trying. :)
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