I was tagged by the lovely @purplehooligan with this set:

I Wish:
- For me, my family and friends to lead a happy life filled with dreams and excitment
- To find someone to love me for who I am...No more, no less
- For a career of my dreams that makes me get up on a morning and actually be excited to go to work
- For my dream to be an actress to come true (So basically kinda the same as the one above^^ Ha)
- For peace and love to overcome the evil and negativity of the world 

=) There are soooo many other things I wish to come true but seen as though I was only allowed 5, I picked these ones!

I now tag: @kara-art @borntotry @aniael @chibi-guts & @cookie97

make your wishes and tag other 5 to do this.. don t forget to tag me to read your wishes :) ♥♥

Ps. I realise the pic of the flamingo's is totally random...but I love it so I added it anyways haha =)
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