Sabrina Valentine
Fun fact: That's actually a really adorable co-op a few minutes away from where I live. I've wanted to live there since I was a kid. It's called Villa Charlotte Bronte and it looks like the Burrow. 

Jesse Valentine, Sabrina's brother, is a 24 year old line cook with dreams of moving up the culinary food chain. Jesse is fun, caring and thoughtful. Sabrina would be nothing without him. [Michael Trevino]

Edward "Eddie" Valentine, Sabrina and Jesse's father, is happily married and living in Manhattan. He has never lived with his kids but they have always been very close. [Antonio Banderas]

Candace Dinello, Jesse's girlfriend, is 23 and works as a production assistant for NBC. Sabrina has a major love/hate relationship with Candace. [Camilla Belle]

Noah Gabriel, 24, is the Valentines' next door neighbor and Sabrina's best friend. He owns a tattoo parlor in Williamsburg. Gabe's the person in the world who's more sarcastic than Sabrina. [Caue Amaral]

Josie Benoit, 22, is a close friend of Sabrina's. They used to be bffls but since Josie got engaged to her fiance, Graham, she's been obnoxiously self-centered and annoying. Sabrina's taking a break from her. [Megan Fox]

Graham Byrne, 26, is Sophie's fiance. He is a grad professor at Columbia. He is pretentious, overly-serious, and snobbish. Sabrina hates him, but doesn't have the heart to tell Josie. [Mathias Lauridsen]

Farah Daniels, 20, is Sabrina's friend and a fellow nanny. She is a total style maven and a uniquely kind individual. Farah is the one who got Sabrina her job. [Chrishell Stubbs] @wakeupfarah

Ara Madison, 21, is a former classmate Sabrina met in a failed attempt at going back to school. Ara is the opposite of Sabrina. She works hard and always has her eyes on the future. Sabrina's hoping some of Ara's ambition will eventually rub off on her. [Camille Rowe] @the-wild-things 

Magdalena "M" Zircona, 25, is the girl Sabrina wants to be. She's bright, witty, gorgeous and--above all else--has her life together. She works as a publicist at a premier firm in NY. [Nicole Warner] @lemonade-lagoon 

Cori Zielinski, 21, is Sabrina's crazy, party girl friend. She may be squeaky clean and polished on the outside but the wild-child lies right beneath the surface. Sabrina loves her b/c she is always there to lend a glass when things are looking down. [Lauren Conrad] @coriiiii

Nathan Samuels, 34, is Sabrina's employer. Sabrina honestly has no idea what he does. She's met him twice, and shared no more than 5 words with him.

Eden Samuels, 25, never wanted children. She had Ruby to please her incessant mother. Eden is selfish, cold, and uninterested in anything having to do with her family. She spends her days shopping and annoying the crap out of Sabrina.

Ruby, 4, is the secret love of Sabrina's life. Although Sabrina pretends to hate her job, she absolutely adores Ruby. She's a mini grown-up with exquisite style.

No current love interests.
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