This is two days late but whatever.
The story is super adorable and there's even videos to go along with it. ;D


Sunday, Seth and I had invited Dillon and Emma over to just hang out and play a harmless game of poker.

I woke up tangled up in Seth’s arms. I was lying on my stomach and he was on top of me, holding me tightly. I could tell he was still asleep because he was breathing deeply, slightly snoring. I rolled over on my back, trying not to wake Seth, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes. I thought about trying to go back to sleep but I decided against it. There were things I need to do today. We need some groceries and the apartment could use some cleaning. Then my mind drifted off to the wedding. I started thinking about flowers, linens, dresses, color themes, cakes, caterers, music, locations, invitations, etc. I started feeling overwhelmed and stopped myself.

Why the hell were weddings such a pain to plan?

I started thinking about the fact that I would much rather just have a small ceremony with my family and friends. I didn’t want to throw a huge party for a million people, and, certainly, nothing had to be “perfect”. I just wanted to get married and I wanted to get married to Seth. That’s all that mattered to me.

Seth’s hand moved slowly across my torso and up my arm. He opened his eyes and I smiled. He smiled back at me gave me a kiss. “Morning,” I said.

“Morning,” he replied with a yawn. He rolled over on his back and I cuddled up next to him. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

I sat up and crawled over Seth, wrapping my legs around him and resting down on his lap. He didn’t move or respond and it looked like he might start falling back asleep. I lightly smacked his stomach and said, “Get up.” He grunted at me and smacked me back, hitting my thigh. “Oh, really?” I said before hitting him back, this time in the chest and with a little more force.

“Jackie!” he whined.

I hit him for the third time and he tackled me, knocking me down across the bed as he leaned over me shirtless. I squealed as I fell down on my back and started laughing. Seth took a hold of my wrists with one hand and started tickling me with the other.


“You had to have known that this coming,” he said with a smirk and kept tickling me.

“Seth! Pleeeeaseee!”

“Alright, alright,” he said before letting go of my hands and lying down against me. I wrapped my arms around him and we kissed. We rolled over so that I was back on top again and I smiled. “What?” Seth asked curiously.

“Nothing. Just admiring my fiancé’s sexy, shirtless body. Is that a crime?”

“Well, when that sexy, shirtless fiancé is me, yes. I’m just going to have to arrest you.”

“Oh no, officer! Please don’t!” I said in a girly voice and pouted. “I don’t wanna be someone’s prisonbitch!”

Seth let out a chuckle and sat up, taking my arms and placing them behind my back, as if he was going to cuff me. He started kiss my neck and whispered in my ear, “Will you be my prisonbitch?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Half an hour later, Seth and I were cuddled up with each other underneath the covers. I needed to get ready for the day but all I wanted to do was stay in bed with Seth. I sighed and sat up. “I’m going to take a shower and then go to the store.”


“Will you do a favor for me and pick up around the apartment before Emma and Dillon get here?”

“Sure babe.”

I leaned over and gave him a kiss before jumping out of bed. I took a shower and got dressed. Seth was up by that time and was doing his own thing. I left and quickly went to the nearest grocery store. After picking up a couple of things, I made it back to the apartment and we started getting the apartment ready.

I was standing in the kitchen making some finger food and Seth was clearing off the coffee table in the living room. He came in and wrapped his arms around my waist. “You look really sexy when you’re cooking,” he said in my ear and kissed my neck.

“You’re just saying that so you don’t starve.”

Seth laughed and gave me another kiss. “I really appreciate you, babe.”

“And I appreciate you,” I said with a smile.

The doorbell rang just as I was finished in the kitchen. Seth answered the door and let Emma and Dillon in. we all greeted each other and Emma helped me bring out the food from the kitchen and into the dining room were the poker stuff had been set up.

We played a couple of rounds of poker. Seth won the first game, of course. He’s dangerous when it comes to this game. He could be a professional if he wanted, he’s that good. Emma won the next round. I had no idea that she was that good at it. Seth has been giving me a few pointers lately so I wasn’t too bad at it either. I felt bad for Dillon though. He kept getting sh*tty cards and losing.

*cute videos of Seth playing poker:
You don’t have to watch them but I think they’re adorable! :D

We hung out and chatted for a couple of hours before Emma and Dillon left.

“Are they together?” Seth asked me after they had left.

“No… uh… I’m not sure.”

“They just kind of seem to go together, if that makes any sense,” he said laughing.

xoxo, Jackie

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Wrote 7 years ago
prisonbitch! Such a cute story!

Wrote 7 years ago
i loved how you compared me to a mother who obsesses over their children aka "soccar moms". that is fucccking hilarious, meg! and i happen to love desperate housewives, lol. don't hate!

Wrote 7 years ago
housewifey of me? lmao. XD

Wrote 7 years ago
hahahahaha!!!! XD
or i just might have to come after you!!!


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