Name: Mackenzie “Kenzie” Rosaline Slater

Birthdate: February 23, 1995

Home Address: 3654 Magnolia Avenue, Oxford, England

Major: Creative writing

Possible Career Plans: Kenzie would like to write her own book series for young adults.

High Schools Attended: Leah Miller High School

Colleges Attended: None yet.

SAT Scores: 

Math: 700

Verbal: 700

Writing: 780

Father's Name: Mason Slater

Deceased? If yes, date deceased: Not deceased. 

Occupation: Engineer

Mother's Name: Diana Slater

Deceased? If yes, date deceased: Alive

Occupation: Stay-at-home mother.

Brothers and Sisters Names: Mary Slater

Extracurricular, Personal, and Volunteer Activities: 
Extracurricular - I write for school newspaper, dance on the school dance team, and acting in school plays.
Personal - I take ballet and other forms of dance and write stories in my free time.
Volunteer - I often help at food kitchens and visit sick children in hospitals.

Academic Honors: Writing 

List any job you have held: Ballet Instructor at Raising the Barre Studio

Essay Question: Describe the most challenging obstacle you have had to overcome; discuss it's impact, and tell what you have learned from the experience.

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to overcome? 

I suppose the hardest thing I’ve ever had to overcome would be the death of my grandmother, Agatha. Grandma Aggie was my favourite person. We visited her cozy little cottage, which was tucked deep into the middle of a forest in Oxford, once a month. It was like something from one of those stories Mary used to read to me, the ones with the pictures, of course. I have absolutely no patience or tolerance for stories without pictures. 

Grandma Aggie was a delightfully mad woman. She loved baking cakes and pastries for her grandchildren on the occasion that we were visiting her. She collected beautiful china dolls, each with a unique name and story. Grandma Aggie’s stories were wonderful, the only ones I paid close attention to, and they didn’t even have pictures! She knitted quite a bit as well. She made me a warm pair of slippers, an afghan and a pair of pink mittens. She was always very sweet to Mary and I. 

Grandma Aggie’s death struck us all as a surprise. I got called out of school one day and down to the front office, where the secretary informed me my grandmother had passed. It had been a mild heart-attack, not too painful on her heart but plenty on mine. 

For the few months after her death, I felt completely terrible. I regretted not visiting her as much, learn more stories about her dolls and her past, just being with her. I wished I could’ve said a long goodbye to grandma. I wished I could’ve told her how much she meant to me, kissed her soft cheek, smoothed her greying hair and told her for the very last time how much I loved her. I so envy everyone that has had the chance to say their goodbyes to their loved ones. Grandma Aggie deserved a nice goodbye.

But, after a while, I recovered from her death. I told myself, “It’s silly to feel to blame for this. It’s silly to regret things.” I couldn’t have prevented her death in any way, and wishing I’d spent more time with her is just stupid. I shan’t wish for things that will never come true. It’s a waste of my time. 

So, yes, my Grandma Aggie’s death was a hard experience for me, but I came out of the situation refreshed and feeling like a much better person.
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Wrote 5 years ago
Great audition! Can't wait to hear more from you!



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