Windsor Blitzkrieg's OhMyGawd Walk-In Closet

It's like, you know, the hottest wardrobe around town, bitchez.
The Assassin Duty Collection:
Story time:
Windsor has more than a little problem in her kill for kill, model eat model world. It's definitely totes sketch, but lately, little Win has been logging some major kills, and the oversight is suspicious. Guess they should be, since she so can't kill, like, anyone. And that may just mean that is the agency finds out, Blitzkrieg has to die. Good luck, beeyotch.
Well, now that that minor detail has been assessed, Win has more than a few goals for her totally stupid first year training and shiit:
-Stay perfect and glossy and model-y or whatever
-Land a major job of the Marc Jacobs/lingerie sort
-Make friends or something (this is negotiable)
-Don't die

The plan?
-Stock up on weaponry and/or sugar-based bribes for the deprived models who might just be her ticket to greatness. But avoid inducing diabetes/eating them herself/making enemies
-Learn to shoot a freaking gun, I mean come on. Poison can't always do it
-Avoid the parents and their stupid Nobel Prizes. Who needs intelligence when you're hot and famous?
-Oh, yeah, she's not famous. Better add getting that to the list
-Buy a dog or something. People like dogs. Lingerie models should have dogs, and not the boy variety
-Get another boyfriend, while she's on it
-Don't die

While she's, ugh, waiting:
-Go to as many castings as possible and perfect that goddamn catwalk. Emulating Kate and Naomi is a freaking must. Seriously. It's bad. Fix it
-Try not to stab her eyes out, because oh my gawd like no one takes her seriously
-Pretend-kill more people and avoid the boss lady(s)
-Repair her convertible already. What? She needs an awesome ride for castings. Gotta stand out
-Make Erik fall in love with her already
-Don't die

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Wrote three years ago
perfect collection!! :)

Wrote three years ago
@sophiaspastic @abcdefuck
hurr hurr think you might be interested in the description/how annoying i am


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