Windsor Preparatory Ideas

I was planning on kiking the ideas to you but I feel like this gives me more room to explain. The photos relate to the topic somewhat, if only there were more pictures.
1. GRADUATION FOUR YEAR PLAN. ThIs plan isn't actually four years long, but high school lasts four years unless you either graduate a semester early or you drop out. Developing your character in this much depth is actually kind of fun!! You start out as a sweet, innocent, little freshman then turn into a mature, young adult. Besides, graduating your character is a good way to say goodbye without a restart that abruptly interrupts your character development. The people who are currently apart of the club and join in the freshman year will be the Senior Class of 2O14, and I say 2O14 because each school year will be three or four months long. Once the freshman year is over for the first freshman class, they will become sophomores. This is where it gets tricky, since we're all on our way to "graduate" it wouldn't be fair for new members to be in our graduating class. You following? Anyways, let's see if my example helps.
i.e. Blaire is a freshman and has a good year, and when she enrolls for the next year she will be a sophomore. When she's a sophomore, new students automatically be going to their freshman year because you can't jump grades.
If there is a person who is new and they really don't want to be a freshman, or they are a returning role player that have been absent for a little while they must talk to you and ask for permission to join a different grade.

2. STUDENT COUNCIL. There are twelve open spots on the Windsor Prep Student Council, four spots reserved and eight open spots. I shouldn't say there is a reservation for spots, but these spots are specific jobs compared to the rest of the council. There are two co-presidents, a secretary, and a treasury. Those people will run against other people who want those positions, and the top people win the position. The other eight spots will have an entry form and you will choose the best, not your friends, but someone who represents your club.
3. DECA is basically an extra curricular activity, that's only for sophomores and up. DECA (also known as Collegiate DECA on the college level, and previously known as Delta Epsilon Chi and Distributive Education Clubs of America) is an international association of high school and college students and teachers of marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service. The organization prepares leaders and entrepreneurs for careers and education in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and other business areas. The teams that have one out of their nation compete against other schools in the world, and the winning team receives a trip to an exotic location and stays there for two weeks.
4. DANCE TEAM. Twelve open spots, includes co-captains. The dance team is actually referred to the Poms Team, as they use their pom-poms in some routines. The team dances at football games, boy basketball games, pep rallies, and any school events. They also go to competitions on weekends, every month. Dance styles they use in routines are: contemporary, jazz, hip hop, poms, and tumbling. Requirements: Splits and high kicks. The dance team season is year round. Conflicts with cheer.
5. CHEER TEAM. Cheer has sixteen open spots, including co-captains. Cheer team competes on weekends and cheers at football and boys basketball games, also pep rallies and other school events.
I'm not a cheer person, I'm a dancer. So you'll give better specifics.
6. YEARBOOK. There are twenty-four members of the yearbook staff. Each person has a specific job: most successful, most fashionable, future comedian, would you rather, interviews, photographers, etc. Yearbooks always have a theme, i.e. The Rolling Bone, Changing Faces but Unchanging Pride, etc. The yearbook will be polycore account.
Thanks for reading!!

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