△April 16th-Today the tea party will be completely masked! Wear a lovely mask and enjoy yourself.
I wore a bear mask to the teaparty. I sat down at the table and glanced around trying to figure eveyone out. I wondered who was who. There were all sorts of masks. Someone came up behind me with a dog mask on. 
'Hey Bear! Nice mask.'
'You too dog.'
He laughed and I turned around and poured myself some tea. 
'So, you wanna go for a walk or something?'
I had a feeling it was Marcus.
'I think I'm just going to stay and have some lunch.'
I couldn't see his face but I imagined he was dissapointed. He didn't speak for awhile. 
'Okay, well, enjoy you're lunch.' 
He walked away defeated. I felt a little bad but continued to eat my lunch.
 △April 17th-Relenta has planned a midnight dance for everyone. Be there at midnight and bring your dancing shoes!
Everyone was dancing in the moonlight while some of the boys played music. 
'Ondine, go dance with Marcus!' Darlene said pushing me onto the dancefloor. I shook my head and stepped back. 
'Hey, don't you like him?' she looked confused.
'We're friends.' I said quietly.
△April 18th-Happy Birthday Harrison! Will any one plan him a party?
'Thank you Giselle!' Harrison hugged Giselle and everyone clapped. He blew out the candles and we all got a slice of cake.
'Everybody dance!' Angellese said jumping up and dancing. Paulie picked up his guitar and starting playing and singing. I danced with Maddy, Tilly, Vi, and Relenta even though I could barely keep up with her!
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