Winners Showcase: CHOPPED: Basket No. 1

Our first contest was a success! Trophies and prizes were awarded and I think everyone had a pretty good time! Show our winners and honorable mentions your love with likes/comments and even follows! Join our group and have fun playing CHOPPED!! Join here:
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  • Be Beautiful by Being You
    "Our 1st place trophy and credit for $20 goes to @awkwardandawesome! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I love the idea of styling the shirt, but then letting us know what it looks like! Congrats to our first winner in Chopped!" — justjules2332
  • Basket No.1
    "The 2nd place trophy and credit of $15 goes to @snje2105. I love the soft nature of this set. This is an outfit I wouldn't mind wearing. The set flows perfectly and the items are used in a meaningful and balanced way. Congrats!" — justjules2332
  • ab ... see?!
    "The third place trophy and credit for $10 goes to @leegal57. I would wear this outfit in a second! Perfect styling, composition is fantastic and the set just looks comfortable and stylish. Congrats!" — justjules2332
  • Untitled #152
    "In 4th place is @emlibertelli with a fantastic fashion set. I love the styling. A perfect work outfit. All the items are used flawlessly and the color combination is so flattering! Very beautiful!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped - Basket #1
    "Our 5th place winner is @fashion-diva35862. WOW, she uses not only the items, but a ton of products from, the styling is marvelous and the composition of the set is perfect! Love this!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped Basket #1: Hatch Awareness
    "The 6th place winner is @groovyhippychick. One of my favorite PV artists. Yes, the items are all there and they are placed so creatively. I just LOVE this set. It's just fun to look at." — justjules2332
  • Basket
    "In 7th place is @tinker23. This outfit is fabulous. I love it! The styling is classic yet trendy. Items are visible and make perfect sense. Great set!!" — justjules2332
  • I love my new hairdresser
    "Our 8th place winner is @sharmarie with an artistic version of the items. I had to look for a bit to find the items but sure enough they are all there! I love this creative set. Simple but so elegant." — justjules2332
  • Chopped - Basket #1
    "The 9th place winner is @garbowvu! This artist gave us an edgy rendition of the items and it soo worked! The styling is fantastic, the items are bold and everything just flows perfectly!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped Contest #2
    "In 10th place is winner @angkclaxton. Adding the fall colors to the set made this one pop! I love the styling of the outfit and all the items are thoughtfully placed and visible! Nice set!!" — justjules2332
  • Somebody turn down the heat, Ted says he is hot with that stupid sweater on!
    "The 11th place winner is @kathy-martenson-sanko with this whimsical approach to the items. She may have changed the nature of the items but each was visible and this set pays homage to the original Chopped, one of my favorite shows I should add!!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped!! Basket #1 (Part 3)
    "At number 12 is winner @lashandanista. Pairing the pink and blue was genius. I love the soft and casual nature of this set! She showed all the items prominently and with purpose! Very beautiful set." — justjules2332
  • CHopped! Basket #1
    "Our first HM goes to @allib4sho. I love the styling of this outfit. This too is something I would wear. The set is simple, classy, edgy and comfortable. Everything I like! Good job!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped Basket 1
    "The second HM goes to @tracireuer. Very edgy and trendy outfit but still maintains a comfortable look. They styling is great and I like how the items were carefully placed and highlighted. Well done." — justjules2332
  • Contest
    "The third HM goes to @queenranya. This outfit is so sexy and well, charming. I love it! I like how the items were placed in and they stand out wonderfully! Great job!" — justjules2332
  • Clock! :)
    "Our final HM goes to @maurizioluigia! Fantastic set! SO inventive and clever! I love that the set is a clock that looks like a wedding cake that then morphs back to a clock. Fabulous!" — justjules2332


Wrote one year ago
thanks so much for the HM, it means a lot @justjules2332 cant wait till the next basket comes out.

Wrote one year ago
Marvelous collection!!

Wrote one year ago
You are all very very welcome! I would love to know why judges pick who they do, so I'm glad you all appreciate it! @garbowvu, @awkwardandawesome, and @groovyhippychick!

Wrote one year ago
Miss Jules, you say the sweetest things on each set to make us feel sooooooo good. How do you do that? YOU are a true gift! Thanks so much!!

Wrote one year ago
Thank you soooo much! I'm still in shock to have gotten 1st place out of so many amazing sets! I'm glad that you liked it @justijules2332

Wrote one year ago
Thank you again! And thanks for your awesome thoughts on my set. :)