Winners Showcase: CHOPPED "Basket No. 5"

Basket number 5 was a bit of a challenge, it included the earth, a shirt, a magazine article and a picture mobile. We had a lot of fantastic sets entered and I was glad to see a lot of art as well as fashion! Such a wonderful group of people. You should join!! Join here:
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  • Youth In Revolt!!
    "1st place goes to @bb60477. These are all the alient kids in revolt that will end up in alien therapy on that other set. LOL This is the perfect use of the items and the theme is clever and so fun!! Congrats!!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped Basket
    "2nd place goes to @loveall101. This set was so so clever. I love the way the set was put together, and while I had to search a while for the moon, I just enjoyed this set and the thoughtfulness behind it. Very very well done." — justjules2332
  • Satellite
    "3rd place goes to @colbysma. The most original usage of the items. So creative and made perfect sense. Simple, to the point and one of those sets you just keep looking at because it's so awesome!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped
    "4th place goes to @wendyfer. Ok I want this room. I love the way it is set up and it just flows perfectly. The placement of the items adds a nice finishing touch. Plus there is chocolate on the dresser. Love!!" — justjules2332
  • Basket #5
    "5th place goes to @sydneyac2017. I loved the styling of this outfit. Just perfect. The use of the items blended perfectly, they weren't just "placed." The pops of color were brilliant!!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped... Youth in Revolt :-)
    "6th place goes to @renbat. I LOVE this set. So clever and original. The little Alien creature on the end table pays homage to The Alien series (which I LOVE). Great set, such a great idea!!!" — justjules2332
  • Magical Moonlight (Even on a rainy night)
    "7th place goes to @skpg. I thought the use of the items in this set was perfect! The outfit is very very Paris style and I could really see myself wearing this as I walk in the rain near the Seine River! Excellent!" — justjules2332
  • Hey Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone!
    "8th place goes to @kathy-martenson-sanko. Such an original set. Items fit in so perfectly it's as if they were meant to be there. Love the soccer ball earth and especially the nod to Pink Floyd! Well done!" — justjules2332
  • Out there...
    "9th place goes to @allib4sho. I loved that this artist made this set into a big burst of color. The items were very gray, yet she turned out this vibrant, stylish set...with donuts! Donuts are good!" — justjules2332
  • Dogs Dream in Black and White
    "10th place goes to @leegal57. I love the artistic vibe from this set. The painting has a number of famous paintings done in a mish-mash sort of way, the color is bright and the items are used in a thoughtful, original manner!" — justjules2332
  • Chopped - Basket #5
    "11th place goes to @garbowvu. I would soo wear this outfit. I love it! The use of the items was actually quite clever and gave a nice balance to the set. Great styling!" — justjules2332
  • CHOPPED: Meet Cute "Love at First Sight"
    "12th place goes to @tacciani. "Meet Cute" I learned what this meant in my favorite movie The Holiday. This set represents the perfect random meet cute by two kids. I love it! Great use of items!!" — justjules2332
  • CHOPPED Basket 5
    "Sample Set for Basket No. 5" — justjules2332

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Wrote one year ago
You betcha @kathy-martenson-sanko! Such a clever set, as always!!

Wrote one year ago
another great chopped challenge.......thanks for including me in the winner's gallery