Winners Showcase: Design & Critique "Dominate It"

The entries into the Dominate It contest were sophisticated and clever. The artists took the subject matter and ran with it, creating a myriad of sets that reflected a dominant element just perfectly. Thank you to everyone who participated!!
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  • Rain
    "1st place: This set uses several "items" to create a dominate force in the set. The bubbles are the "items" yet, one large bubble soley dominates the set and sets the stage for the smaller bubbles. This set is an amazing representation of the subject." — justjules2332
  • Lonely in a Crowd
    "2nd place: Another set that demonstrates the subject perfectly. The set is dominated by people, lots of people, but the girl in the front is the dominating subject and therefore your eyes go to her at once. Well done!!" — justjules2332
  • Stuck since '68 & finally thawing out
    "3rd place: This set has one feature that dominates the set. The car of course. Even with the colors, the signs, the rain and puddles you still end up back at the car. Perfect placement and scale in this set!" — justjules2332
  • .
    "4th place: The cat dominates the set based on pure size.The is a classic example of the domination style in that the walls and floor take up more space, however the cat is where your eyes go. The shadowing lets the cat stand out even more." — justjules2332
  • geisha
    "5th place: Adorable set! The butterflies are our dominating item, yet like the sets before it, a large item grabs our attention before we move on." — justjules2332
  • Blue_Green
    "6th place: The dominating factor in this set is color. The green color balances the set, but blue is very much the dominating color and the artist has done a great job letting the color guide us through the set." — justjules2332
  • Untitled #254
    "7th place: One could argue that the frame is the dominating feature, but I would say the roses are. The huge rose in the background then as you move forward the roses get smaller and more defined. A beautiful set!" — justjules2332
  • Radioactive For HU
    "8th place: Right away the woman in white captures your view and dominates this set. The blue color makes up a lot of the set, but if you look closely you see other things going on in the blue area, so the your eye always goes back to the woman in white." — justjules2332
  • Better things will fall together...
    "9th place: I was hoping someone would use space as the dominating element, and this set captures that perfectly. I found myself studying the space before I went to the actual subject. Very interesting." — justjules2332

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Wrote one year ago
amazing entries and so proud to be part of this group : )

Wrote one year ago
Thank you for always taking the time to do these amazing showcases, I so appreciate learning about what intrigued you not only with my set, but the others. :) XX

Wrote one year ago
the sets are many creative people on here.


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