WINNERS SHOWCASE: Design & Critique "Humor Me"

We went off the design path for this one and just concentrated on the funny! Who knew it was so hard to be purposefully funny! Well, I knew it but after all the PM's I got I think the group realized it too! LOL Ergo...the challenge! I thought everyone did a fantastic job! Here is the top 12!
  • It Only Happens When My Makeup is Perfect!!
    "1st place is @summersunshinesk7. Sorry to be so crass, but I almost peed my pants when I saw this. You see I AM the snowlady! I'm about to enter "that" faze of my life and this set reminded me to laugh about it. Well, for now anyway! LOL" — @justjules2332
  • Pets Gone Bad
    "2nd place is @leegal57. THIS IS MY HOUSE!!! We have a 67 pound golden retreiver "puppy" who bounces off the recliner chasing our other dog. This made me laugh so hard! I LOVE IT!!!" — @justjules2332
  • Viking biking : the birth of cycling in Scandinavia
    "5th place is @troff. This set is just perfect for my sarcastic sense of humor. So incredibly clever and just fun to look at all the elements and keep the laughter coming! Nice!!!" — @justjules2332
  • how to
    "6th place is @thisisme2012. The eptiome of sarcastic humor and I'm sorry but my favorite "name calling name" is douchebag. It works! I hope this wasn't a biography!!! This was an Oh My Gosh type of laugh, Iliked it! LOL" — @justjules2332
  • A Word to the Wise from the Big Guy
    "7th place is @juxtaposejane. The message of behind this set is what made me laugh. It's true! I showed my husband and he said "what did I do". Ya he gets underwear for Christmas! So funny!!" — @justjules2332
  • Just checking in on you..
    "8th place is @colbysma. Sometimes its the simplest things that make you laugh. I saw this and just busted out laughing. I can't even tell you why really! The cuteness of the bear, the simplicity, the idea, anyway it made me LOL!" — @justjules2332
  • Kitty purry !
    "9th place is @amethystes. Ok ok this is that roll your eyes humor but as I was rolling my eyes I was laughing ! Throw in a pretty red dress...well what can I say. It's all adorable!" — @justjules2332
  • 1960's~ We've come a long way baby!
    "10th place is @constanceann. LOL this was awesome! I love all the details and of course the vintage nature, The guy with "the look" is classic! AND I love those vintage orange/green shoes! Well done!!" — @justjules2332
  • Reluctant Tea Party
    "11th is @zaplily. Yes! That sarcastic funny that I love so much. Just the idea of this cracks me up. The bird with it's cup of tea...classic. Love the bear too! Super cute set!!" — @justjules2332
  • Realativity, HA!
    "12th place is @msmisty. I'm blind as a bat when it comes to the small thumbnails. So at first I was just "oh". But when I viewed this in large format I LOVED it. The humor of Al's statement, and the art is fantastic! Great set!" — @justjules2332

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Thank you! Loved browsing these fun and creative sets!!


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