Winners Showcase: The Write Stuff "Behold the Beauty"

Picking 3 winners this time was so hard. It took me since yesterday to just narrow it down to 10, then I kept going back and forth all day until finally (I feel a deja'vu moment) I was able to get to 5, and finally 3. This is testament to just how talented the members of this group are. Most of the sets were older, but ALL were quite beautiful and so fun to look at and enjoy. Thank you for your entries.
  • Abstract Woman
    "1st place: I am a fan of abstracts. This one dazzled me because of the colors. The orange, black and blue, and THEN a flow into more pastels. This artist was able to make that work and turned out a masterpiece. I love it!" — justjules2332
  • Behold the beauty of real friendship
    "2nd place: The message is what made me smile and almost tear up. Friendships are so amazing and when you find one that is special, you hold on and that, is beautiful. The artist reminded me of how many amazing friends I cherish." — justjules2332
  • Christian Louboutin
    "3rd place: The set, the outfit, the softness, the colors; all beautiful. I was mesmerized by this set and as the music played I just thought this is what PV is..making beautiful sets out of beautiful designs. Amazing." — justjules2332
  • Inner Beauty
    "HM 3: This set captivated me. It's fairly simple but it's the epitome of beauty. Porcelin skin, soft colors, vivid red hair and green background; it's simply beautiful." — justjules2332
  • Wonderment
    "HM 4: I'm in love with this set and the innocence it portrays as this little angel gazes in wonderment of all that surrounds her. What an uplifting and fabulous set." — justjules2332
  • Be.You.tiful
    "HM 5: The colors are what struck me immediately about this set!. I can't really explain it other than to say this set is just simply beautiful." — justjules2332

Two comments

Wrote two years ago
fabulous collection....I love reading your comments on all the sets!!!!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for not only including me in this collection, but for blessing me with 1st place! I am so grateful :)


  • shidatja
  • ninigreen
  • norasd
  • po8grl
  • violetta20
  • jaxon
  • azzah-abdurrahman
  • ramyasri
  • princess811130
  • lunaire-pingu
  • zeljkaa
  • ceca-66
  • bb60477
  • dreamingofasummerday
  • latoyacl
  • jessica-koln
  • yoa316
  • anne-irene
  • ivicavolikatijubgmimoga
  • pingela-1
  • sharmarie
  • ivannah
  • niteowlgirl
  • rosesareme
  • mzbossyfashions11
  • sofia-6052
  • elske88
  • riantgorkette
  • jacque-reid
  • armband
  • swanlakemorning
  • sheis-isabel
  • jormit
  • lisamichele-cdxci
  • anypop
  • laonela
  • mima998
  • are-you-with-me
  • bananya
  • carchaney
  • thebacons
  • vintageeyeglasses
  • carmoza
  • fado30
  • baringmysoul
  • ladyjen3
  • nurulrifas
  • thestreetwalk
  • nataly996
  • emavera
  • anashe
  • tojaula
  • ilovcats123
  • marija0708
  • drenise
  • emilllly
  • dusa77
  • fashionautumn
  • mix24143
  • lavenue-shop
  • annjanniblub
  • blueskin37
  • dangkimhoang
  • pnytr
  • mimivamp
  • pillef
  • vallyk
  • wtushiszofran
  • lacas
  • white-rosepetal
  • cafe-le-psyence
  • gma-mariana

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