Winners Showcase: The Write Stuff "Food"

We celebrated Food in this contest! Since there is so much of it surrounding us from Thanksgiving until the New Year, why not embrace it! These were my 12 favorite sets. Everyone did an awesome job! And nevermind that I gained 5lbs just drooling over these sets! LOL
  • Cotton Candy
    "1st place is @warna. It's cold here today, might even snow, this set gave me warm thoughts of spring and I just love cotton candy. The set just spoke to me today. Beautiful." — @justjules2332
  • My Love for Chocolate!!
    "2nd place is @lashandanista. Chocolate stuffed donuts with chocolate icing. Chocolate cupcakes. Chocolate pearls. Hot chocolate. Nuff said." — @justjules2332
  • Versace' Candy!
    "3rd place is @kathy-martenson-sanko. This set is so vibrant, and colorful. I love the design and those little mints just melt in your mouth!" — @justjules2332
  • Beautiful Chocolate
    "4th place is @alyssumfield. I love this gown, it is the perfect shade of blue, add to that a chocolate cake and well, we are nearing perfection here folks!" — @justjules2332
  • Chocolate Decadence
    "5th place is @po8grl. This is one of my favorite blouses I've seen on PV. Oh, and chocolate pancakes, chocolate syrup, and oh, the shorts are cute too. LOL" — @justjules2332
  • Le Portrait
    "6th place is @hatsgaloore. Gorgeous set. This win had very little to do with the chocolate parfaits, and the truffles, ground chocolate and that chocolate turtle apple....what was I saying?" — @justjules2332
  • Plaid Christmas
    "7th place is @allib4sho. Christmas cookies!!!! I'm doing my baking in a few days. I just wish it would snow while I'm doing it. Very cute outfit! Christmas cookies!!! Oh ya, I said that." — @justjules2332
  • Very Cherry
    "8th place is @piwakawaka. Cherry Bomb is my favorite song by the Runaways. Most of you are too young to know that group! This doll is fantastic and I just really enoyed the artistry of this set! Cupcakes!!!" — @justjules2332
  • Le Petit Marie
    "9th place is @colbysma. Ah yes, Marie Antoinette. You know the story! Must have been yummy to be a queen for awhile, aside from that pesky beheading! Adorable set!" — @justjules2332
  • Blueberries and Truffles
    "10th place is @leegal57. I was in Paris many many years ago and I sat alone at a sidewalk cafe eating blueberries and drinking sparkling wine. This took me back to that place. Perfect!" — @justjules2332
  • I love pie
    "11th place is @classicgal. That very stone table sits in my kitchen and this outfit is what I would wear to bake. This set made me feel at home, plus well, there was pie." — @justjules2332
  • cupcakes for the holidays
    "12th place is @texaspinkfox. I love this! The aprons are so adorable and yes, there is cupcakes, and well, this set just made me happy. So cute!." — @justjules2332

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