Winners Showcase: The Write Stuff "Give Me What You've Got"

We held the group's "anything" contest and wowza did I have a hard time deciding on my favorites. Narrowing down to 12 was so difficult. I had to walk away several times. I finally made a final decision and I'm happy to present my favorites. These group members are amazing and I would urge you to check out their pages and like/follow/comment - you will be awed!! Thank you everyone for participating! PS I didn't do honorable mentions because quite frankly I would have been here all day doing just that. In my eyes nearly every other set deserved at least some type of mention. All of you should consider yourself amazing.
  • Chuck Close
    "The 1st place trophy goes to @colbysma for this adorable set. The quote speaks to all of us. The set composition shows this artist has amazing skill as she blends all of these semi-unrelated items together into a cohesive mixture of awesomeness!! :-)" — @justjules2332
  • Anything for you!
    "The 2nd place trophy goes to @virginia-brown for this amazingly fun set!! This was the first set I picked out as a winner. I fell in love with it. There is this "cute" sophistication about it that just grabbed my attention and didn't let go. LOVE!!!" — @justjules2332
  • Sacrificed
    "The 3rd place trophy goes to @perua4. This is one of those sets I fell in love with, but can't really explain why. I just like the colors, texture, whimsy, depth, and composition. It's just a very very cool set!" — @justjules2332
  • A Little Bird Told Me So.
    "The 4th place winner is this lovely fall set by @thisisinteresting. I'm a huge fan of cutouts and this partial cutout set just made me happy. Leaves falling, lots of birds, wind blowing her hair..made me think of what our home looks like right now." — @justjules2332
  • It's All About...
    "In 5th place is @triciamcmillan with this lovely doll, art set! Everything polyvore wrapped up into a colorful and fashionable set. The whimsy and sophistication balance out to create an simply lovely set! Well done!" — @justjules2332
  • Listen
    "In 6th place is a simple set with huge meaning by @po8grl. This set "speaks" volumes with it's meaning. If the people really listened, and I mean listened to each other, what a different place this would be. Awesome set!" — @justjules2332
  • Baby Mine
    "The 8th place winner is this adorable set by @riley5. This has always been a favorite set of mine. It's beyond adorable and the message behind it tugs at your heart strings and makes you want to hug your child (or in my case my puppy)! So sweet!" — @justjules2332
  • Country Stroll
    "In 9th place is a fantastic fashion set by @leegal57. Another one of my very favorite fashion set makers. Her designs look effortless but considering all the details, you realize just how much work is involved. Styling is perfect!! Awesome set!!" — @justjules2332
  • Graffiti Friday Arts
    "In 10th place is an amazing art set by @necyluv! WOW, look at all the colors and the movement. Collision art is an interesting medium and this artist did an awesome job! I love it!" — @justjules2332
  • romantic blue
    "The 11th place finisher is @efitzger with this lovely fashion set! This artist is one of my favorite fashion set makers on PV. I love everything about this set, colors, composition, styling; it's soft and just pretty! Awesome!" — @justjules2332
  • Falling for Fall
    "In 12th place is @mycau with this lovely doll. Since it is fall I tended to gravitate towards some fall sets and this spoke volumes! The doll is artistically perfect and I loved all the fall details. Well done!!" — @justjules2332


Wrote two years ago
@justjules2332 Your critic on each set is amazing! As a former teacher, I know how much thought goes into this. Well done to you! xoxo

Wrote two years ago
thanks, very great to have comments!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you and what a great idea to include comments :-)

Wrote two years ago
Wonderful collection. I really enjoy reading the comments. Thanks :)

Wrote two years ago
Terrific collection and I love the addition of your comments. Love all these sets!!!

Wrote two years ago
thanks for this collection^__^


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