Winners Showcase: The Write Stuff: Group LOGO

I was only going to pick six winners, but decided to go with 12 so that each set is showcased for one month. This way we'll have logos for a year, and no more logo contests for awhile. Instead of listing the sets as "winners" I'm listing them by the month they will appear as group logo. Each set will start as the group logo on the first day of their corresponding month. Thanks everyone for participating!
  • Group Logo Contest
    "Our winner and December 2012 Logo is @sheryl-lee with this clever, colorful and witty set. I love the dose of humor and the design is vintage and modern all at the same time! Nicely done and Congrats! I will post this log on Saturday, Dec 1!" — justjules2332
    "January 2013 - @bb60477 This set is everything the Write Stuff is about, typography, design, books, stories, creating, and art. I just love this. It's going to make a beautiful logo! Very very well done!!" — justjules2332
  • The Write Stuff
    "February 2013 - @efitzger Awesome doll/art/fashion set! I love the idea of puppet and the saying at the bottome is perfect. Very cool and stylish set! Nice!" — justjules2332
  • The Write Stuff Logo
    "March 2013 - @oxalis4de Snappy doll set with a wondeful backdrop. This is a great set with style, attitude and sophistication...exactly what our group is! Very cool!" — justjules2332
    "April 2013 - @drenise So bold, and colorful, everything a logo should be! I love the way this was put together, if just flows flawlessly. Great set!!" — justjules2332
  • The Write Stuff
    "May 2013 - @danicilious Another set that uses the writing silhouette and writing samples in the background. I love this type of style. This artist captured it perfectly using writing implements as a focal point. Well done!" — justjules2332
  • The Write Stuff
    "July 2013 - @dimusiel I love this set. An abstract of writing samples that blends color, texture and typography just perfectly. Very nicely done!" — justjules2332
  • The Write Stuff Logo Contest
    "August 2013 - @madamdreamweaver Another of the vintage types sets. I love the old school murder mystery vibe it gives off. Very well done!" — justjules2332
  • Freedom of Speech
    "September 2013 - @likepolyfathion Very cool set! The silhouette of the woman at the desk is perfect against the backdrop of multitudes of writing samples. Will make a very nice logo." — justjules2332
  • The Write Stuff Logo
    "October 2013 - @will-o-the-wisp Simple, colorful and a fine tribute to the subject matter of our group. Very very nicely done!" — justjules2332
  • The Write Stuff
    "November 2013 - @renthead17 I love the vintage feel of this set. The design and placement of the items is very nicely done and a lot of fun to look at!" — justjules2332
  • LOGO for the "Write Stuff" group
    "OK this set by @allib4sho is our honorable mention based purely on the humor behind this set! I was in love with this group (yes, even as an adult). I even went to their concert. I was the oldest one there. So well done Allison!! You made me LOL!!" — justjules2332


Wrote two years ago
Thanks for such lovely words about my set and for honoring me with a chance to be one of the monthly logos. I'm very honored!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you @justjules2332 :-)

Wrote two years ago
Awesome entries ~ fabulous logos for an entire year...yay !!

Wrote two years ago
Fun collection!! Congrats to all the winners!!

Wrote two years ago
Thx Jules for liking my Clue-like set! I'm delighted! (I actually love logo contests, by the way.)

Wrote two years ago
wow..some amazing entries!!!


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