Winners Showcase: The Write Stuff "HOME: What Inspires You?

I loved being "invited" in to the homes of the group members and seeing what they are inspired by. Everyone did a fantastic job, as usual and I was moved by so many different designs. It was fun to just go with my first instinct and not second-guess myself. Because when its this personal you just can't over analyze. Enjoy!!
  • Piero Fornasetti
    "The 1st place winner is @annaboo! This is one of the coolest sets I've seen on PV. I love the composition, it's striking, creative and fit with the contest perfectly. I love it!! Congrats!" — @justjules2332
  • Beautiful Fall Leaves!
    "The 2nd place winner is @bb60477. This is a look into the artists own backyard. It's so beautiful and so colorful and oh so peaceful. I was taken in the minute I saw it." — @justjules2332
  • Cat Inspired!
    "Our 3rd place winner is @tracireuer! I was so hoping that someone would be inspired by their kitties and this set did it perfectly! The colors are fantastic and the cats play center stage! Those green eyes, oh my!!! So adorable!" — @justjules2332
  • My Home, My Loves, My Life
    "The 4th place win goes to @leegal57 with a room that depicts her home! I love it! Looking at the dogs and they room styling I get a sense of who this artist is. That means a lot." — @justjules2332
  • Green Dress for my Mother
    "The 5th place winner is @easystyle. This fashion set is amazing, but it's the dedication that brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful and lovely set for a beautiful mother." — @justjules2332
  • Roses
    "In 6th place is @star-and-lemons. One of those sets that you can just imagine yourself sitting on the deck enjoying the blooms and taking in God's creations. Such a special set." — @justjules2332
  • Carry me back to the days..............
    "Our 7th place winner is @sherry7411. I love the beach, we live an hour away, so this set took me back to the days when we'd drive over and spend the day. Such a meaningful set!" — @justjules2332
  • Stylish Fashion for Work
    "In 8th place is @signaturenails-dstanley. I love this fashion set all layed out for work. When I worked outside the home I would lay out my clothes and keep working on it until the outfit was perfect. This took me back to those days." — @justjules2332
  • Inspired by my window
    "In 9th place is @peru4. This is a favorite artist of mine. Her sets are so colorful and this is no exception. I could imagine her looking out the window and creating a set from feelings. Love it." — @justjules2332
  • The Opposite Wall
    "The 10th place winner is @scribblegoat. I read the description and I knew this was a winner; this is her house! Literally! She looked at her wall from where she sat and recreated it. I love the idea and now I know a bit more about the artist!" — @justjules2332
  • An Australian Spring
    "Our 11th place winner is @maryellenfairfax. I didn't give much thought to the spring set until I read her description. As we move to fall, she is heading into spring. Polyvore makes the world a little smaller and this set captured that for me." — @justjules2332
  • Apples
    "In 12th place is a very simple set by @po8grl. I love this artists work, and for some reason this set just spoke volumes. It's simplicity is what captured my eye and maybe it was the fact I had just made an apple pie. I just like it a lot!" — @justjules2332
  • Don't Ever Change- My Beatle's Room
    "The first HM goes to @kathy-martenson-sanko. Everyone should have a Beatles room. I mean you gotta have a Beatles room...nuff said. :-)" — @justjules2332
  • In dreams we fly
    "The final HM goes to @troff. The deep meaning behind this set seems personal and I think I get it, but nonetheless I was captivated in thought as I looked at it and tried to put the pieces together. Lovely." — @justjules2332

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