Winners Showcase: The Write Stuff "Write Me a Letter"

This was a fun contest and everyone who entered did an amazing job! The 10 sets included in this collection were my favorites, and many of them I could see as professional letterhead! Nice job everyone!
  • Film School Letterhead
    "1st place: When I first saw this I actually thought it was already letterhead. This artist captured exactly what the contest was about and she came up with a very very clever and professional "product." Very nicely done!" — justjules2332
  • Letterhead: Janine's Fabrics and Crafts
    "2nd place: This letterhead was perfect for the business it represented. The texture is a great way to advertise fabric. I love the layout and design as well. I think it would be cool to receive this with white type. Very unique!" — justjules2332
  • Congratulations!!
    "3rd place: Not only beautiful and original letterhead, but very clever letter content. Note it's Paris, IL! I need to get in touch with the artist and get my tickets. LOL Very cool and so much fun!!" — justjules2332
  • Letterhead
    "4th place: This is really cool letterhead. I hope that if the artist ever needs to send out letters, she'll create this and print it out. Very cute and oh so clever!" — justjules2332
  • Appointment confirmation with JustJules
    "5th place: This artist, one of my favorites, got me with LZ. What a clever letter and the letterhead was just what Robert Plant would use. LOL Very cool and I'll be ready tomorrow for the car to pick me up! :-)" — justjules2332
  • Write Me a Letter
    "7th place: This letterhead is sooo adorable. I love it! The placement and shadows made it look 3D, which is something I really like. The texture is perfect, and I would buy this type of letterhead in a minute!! :-)" — justjules2332
  • A Formal Request
    "8th place: Now this is another adorable set. So this is what a toddler would use to get the point across to mom! Very original and again, just adorable. Colby is a lucky kid!" — justjules2332
  • write me a letter contest
    "9th place: This artist needs to print this off and make a stack of note pads. This is so cute!! I could totally see this sitting on my desk waiting for me to make my lists! Very good job!!" — justjules2332
  • Do It Tomorrow
    "10th place: I keep expecting to get this letter in the mail, as I am the poster child for procrastination. Very very clever idea and the clock in the corner is genius. So cute and such a fun ..... I'll finish later. LOL FUN!!!!" — justjules2332

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Wrote two years ago
I agree with @ausie34. She said it perfectly. Thanks so much for your kind words and critiques. They make your collections even better :)


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