Winners' Showcase: The Write Stuff "Themed Tea Party"

The Themed Tea Party contest was @kaycee99 's idea and creation, but because she became unavailable to judge, I took over and judged it for her. All the sets are wonderful and everyone did a fantastic job! Make sure to show support to your fellow members by liking and congratulating the winners! Mentioned this in the group announcement, but I'm going to leave HM's to @kaycee99 since it was her contest. Thanks everyone!!!
  • Owl Have Some More Tea, Please
    "The 1st place trophy goes to @colbysma for this fabulously original tea party! Humor. Check. Cleverness. Check. Originality. Check. Amazing composition. Check. Perfect theme. Check. First place in the bag. Check! Awesome! Just loved it!! Congrats!" — @justjules2332
  • Just BEE cause Tea Party!
    "The 2nd place trophy goes to @sherry7411. I LOVE this set. Everything about it. So clever, colors are fab, cuteness all over the place, a lovely tea party outfit, and a very very cool theme! Great set!!!" — @justjules2332
  • Fun at the Beach Tea Party
    "The 3rd place trophy goes to @po8grl. This is the coolest tea party EVER!! What a clever idea! The composition is awesome! So inventive! Love it!!" — @justjules2332
  • English Tea Party
    "Our 4th place winner is @signaturenails-dstanley with this adorable little girls tea party. How many of us remember getting dressed up in our finest and having a tea party with our little friends. So cute!" — @justjules2332
  • Tea Party
    "What's not to love about this 6th place tea set by @alyssumfield. It's so delicate, and the colors are perfect and there is petit fours and a lovely apron. It just had ladies tea party at every angle!" — @justjules2332
  • Tea Time
    "In 7th place is this lovely fashion tea set by @allib4sho! This outfit was the PERFECT outfit for going to afternoon tea. I could just picture the lovely ladies gathering around beautiful china. Great set!" — @justjules2332
  • Tea time
    "In 8th place is an interior set theme by @saphiboutik. The colors are amazing and the room just says "it's about to be tea party time." Love the original idea and room!" — @justjules2332
  • Tea Time at the Meadows
    "The 9th place win goes to @craftypooks for her meadow themed party. The composition and theme jumped out at me immediately. Very clever and in keeping with what a true tea party should be: fun!!" — @justjules2332
  • Witch's Brew
    "The 10th place spot goes to @the-pre-raphaelite with the witches brew theme. A fantastic doll, and a timely set considering it is that time of year!" — @justjules2332
  • We want cookies
    "In 11th place is Big Birds tea party by @efitzger. So timely, so adorable, so imaginative - I love it! Nuff said! :-)" — @justjules2332
  • Welcome to My Tea Party
    "In 12th place is a Chinese themed tea party by @bb60477. The colors in this set are just extraordinary. It was as if I had been transported to a fancy Chinese restaurant just in time for afternoon tea. Wonderful set!!" — @justjules2332

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