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I almost forgot it was my day to tip!! Oops :o
Well, I finally remembered... and here I am!!!
{This is Emily, btw!!}

Even though my skin is usually oily-combo, it can get dry during winter time!! 
 For face care:
 ~Use gentle cleansers
 ~Use a moisturizer for your skin type
 ~Drink p l e n t y of water
 ~Avoid washing your face with hot water {try warm}
 ~Keep a daily skin-care routine, and stick with it!

 For Body Care:
 ~Use moisturizing body wash
 ~Try some body lotion/body butter!!
 ~Water, water, water!!! {Drink some!}
 ~If wanted, use a humidifier in your room

 For dry hands:
 ~Find a high quality product like Eucerin {spelled that wrong!} or Jergens
 ~Drink water, all that jazz :)


Chapped lips are the w o r s t !! Haha, my lips are pretty much constantly bleeding :) There are many ways to prevent this, though!
 ~Keep a tube of Chapstick or Burt's Bees in your pocket, and use it whenever needed {But don't use it constantly -- for this will make it even worse!!}
 ~Apply Vaseline on your lips before going to sleep and right before going to school
 ~Get enough vitamins from the food you eat
 ~Guess what?? Drink water!!
 ~Don't lick your lips!!

If you've ever been to health class, you probably know that tanning beds are NOT safe!!! And this year, people found out some forms of spray tans/tanning lotions aren't too great either.. (cough, cough, cancer!). Make sure before buying a product, research to make sure it's safe. 
 ** Remember, it's okay to be pale!! Love yourself for y-o-u !!!

Good luck, stay gorg :)

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