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// 10 whats //
1// what’s your name? Berina
2// what skill do you want to learn? Idk
3// what is your motto? Idk haha
4// what is the closest item on your left? Mobile phone
5// what are your pet peeves? ---
6// what does your hair look like right now? Oh, in a bun :O
7// what do you think about in the shower? Nothing special
8// what is your least favourite flavour of potato chips? Cheese fuiii
9// what do you head straight to in a lolly shop? ..??..
10// what is the most recent picture on you camera roll? Me and friends.. and in other album coffee haha 
// 10 have you evers //
11// been pulled over by a cop? No
12// smoked a cigarette? No
13// pulled an all nighter? ???
14// broken a bone? No
15// fallen down in public? Yeees -.-
16// eaten food that fell on the floor? Yes
16// been to the circus? Yes, I think...
17// ripped your pants? Yes
18// walked into a door? Yes
19// been trapped in an elevator? No
20// met a celebrity? No
// 10 worst & best //
21// worst fear? Idk, many them
22// worst habit? "Breaking" fingers omg HAHA
23// worst situation you’ve been in? Many them...
24// worst mistake you’ve made? Idk
25// worst subject at school/uni? Maths, physics...
26// best compliment you’ve ever received? Hah, I don't know, maybe yees, that I have pretty blue eyes, that I have beautiful hair.. xxx
27// best prank you’ve pulled? Idk

28// best personal attribute? Idk
29// best memory? Simply, childhood
30// best type of pizza? Idk...
// 10 lasts & firsts //
31// last song you downloaded? Anitta - Bla Bla Bla
32// last thing you bought? Bag and lip balm
33// last thing you said? Da to za moje dobro je - from song hah
34// last food you ate? Donuts
35// last movie you watched? Today, I don't remember name
36// first album you bought? ---
37// first time you went overseas? Never :((
38// first thing you do in the morning? Go to the bathroom 
39// first language? Bosnian
40// first pet you had? Parrot
// 10 random //
41// weirdest quirk about yourself? I don't know
42// if you could be a superhero, who would you be? Idk
43// one thing you learned today? Idk, there must be something in the mosque
44// if you were to write a book, what would it be about and what would you call it? Idk
45// how do you feel about public speaking? No, noo, nooo!

46// can you sleep with socks on? Yes, why not?
47// one song that you think never gets old? Don't know haha
48// any weird obsessions/fetishes? No
49// proudest moment? When my mom complimented me :D xoxo

50// best piece of advice? Be patient and brave whatever the situation was

I tag: @floweer-4, @annamari-a and anyone who want to do this tag.

I'm sorry I've been away for a while, I love you a lot, all! <333

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