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soooo it's been a long time but I'm back, sorry for ditching polyvore for tumblr lol. So these are some ideas for winter clothes I guess. enjoy.

Short Parka 
my favourite I have this really nice one from tna, a brand that they sell at Aritzia, it's a great place for jackets. these jackets are really cozy if you get a down filled one and usually have fur on the hood x)

Military Jacket
kind of like a parka but it's usually olive, brown, tan, or black and has lots of pockets and has a kind of frayed, it has draw strings, and a hood. I have one from tna too :)

Marshmallow/Puffer Jacket
a cute jacket, but not for everyone it could either make you look giant or cute. these are really warm and water proof too. lol when I ever I see people wearing these jackets I see everyone wearing earmuffs with them. 

Short Trench Coat
it's one of those jackets with the two vertical rows of big buttons. they're really cute when they flare out at the bottom too :) not super warm do I suggest wearing a sweater under.

Fleece Jacket
I live in Canada so it's pretty cold during the winter. This jacket is only good for November really where I live, but if you live more south you could probably wear this one, or if you live more north you could wear it as a layer under your jacket for those extra cold days and for skiing. Northface makes nice ones :)

Snowboard Jacket
those really bright fun jackets are snowboard jackets, you can buy one from any sports store and these are really cool and fun, and great for if you ski/board like me and want a cool jacket. these are also waterproof and warm! :O

Farisile Sweaters aka. ugly sweaters 
These are super cute and usually are in a tighter cropped fit :)

Cable Knit sweater
can either be oversized or normal, really cozy looking and cute!

Oversized knit sweaters
Sweaters are the big trend this season! I find it looks really cute when you wear an oversized sweater with leggings or skinny jeans with a scarf :) pretty much any store sells these, or you could just get a sweater a size of 2 up.

Oatmeal shine sweaters
those sweaters that are kind of a mix of 3 shades of grey and are kind of metallic.

Denim shirts
a button -up shirt thats made out of jeans

Over-sized tees
just a light tee thats kind of loose and long.

Sparkle Tees
a sequined tee, I've seen cool ones with sequined striped! :o Forever 21 has a ton.

Crew neck 3/4 sleeve shirts
these are knitted and usually are striped, a white and red one would look super cute!

Print jeans/jeggings
Jeans with a print on them, because they're so cool you should just wear a plain top to make them stand out and not clash. American Eagle has some cool ones. I've seen tribal, floral, polka dotted, ombre, stripes and lots more styles of these jeans!

don't wear these as normal pants, I think it's kind of gross when girls do that *shudders* no offence. how I'd wear leggings is wear them with as over sized sweater or a tunic or a shirt that covers most of your butt. Cotton leggings are the comfiest!

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
I love how dark skinny jeans look! Especially with a red top, you can pair these with anything. I suggest getting at least 2 pairs one solid pair, the other a bit faded or distressed. :)

Medium or light Wash Skinny Jeans
really cute, but they don't look good with everything. Try to pair them with a top that stands out more to bring attention to it.

always good winter boots, just be careful not to get them stained so they don't look sloppy.

Fringe suede boots
those native american shoes, but for winter! you can get short or tall ones.

Riding boots
ugh I really want Tory Burch ones but they're wayyy too expensive so they're basically those tall slim looking leather boots they look really cute with a over sized sweater and skinny jeans.

Combat boots
those cool looking lace up boots! I suggest getting good quality ones with traction so they don't break easily.

Knit Slippers
kind of like uggs but for around the house :)

-Knit scarves


-Pom-Pom tuques 


-Knit mittens

-Boot socks/Slouchy socks

-Thick belts

-Skinny braided belts

-Hair Bows

-Olympic mittens (Canadian peeps only)

-Cross necklaces

-Owl necklaces

-Mustache jewelry

-layered bracelets

-Pointy stud earrings

Hair Styles
-side braids (fishtail, katniss, french)
-pig tails (only works on some people)

So that is all! Thanks for reading my tip, if you have any ideas I should add just message me! 

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