heyy! annie here :) 
so winters basically here and its the time of year where hair care is very important. Rain and winter is our hair's worst enemies lol! 
here are some tips for your hair in the winter:
1. condition, condition, anddd. condition you hair! 
it will keep the moisture in your hair so it wont become dry and unhealthy.
2. Blow dry your hair before you leave the house, (this doesnt really have to do about hair care but its a good thing to do) it only takes about 10 minutes depending on your hair length. By not blowdrying you risk getting cold and maybe sick.
Here are some products for maintaining healthy non-frizzy hair
1. Static-ey/frizzy hair is also a big problem (atleast for me) during the winter. you can go to your local target or drugstore and look for John Frieda Frizz-Ease Spray, spray some on your hair evenly before you leave the house. ive used this spray before and it works really well! it also blocks humidity for 24 hours! its pretty inexpensive but it works really well. (around 10$ i think)
2. If you want straightened hair, apply CHI straight guard to your hair and let it air dry. it also protects it from frizzing
3. dont worry about your curled hair deflating on a rainy day. Spray CHI armor guard and its a hairspray that will make sure your hair stays shape but is still flexible :) 
all the products that i mentioned above are inexpensive and are probably sold at target!
hope these tips helped!
annie <3 if you have any comments or questions pm me @purplechicqueen

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