Denny Cooper is a 21 year old Microbiology student, currently interning at GNP Industries. Her adviser/professor Dr. Logan got her, along with her boyfriend Ezra, the internship, as Logan works for GNP. Denny has been with Ezra for almost 2 years now. When they first met Denny was still living the life of a thief. Being raised by gypsy thieves, it's really all she knew. Ezra was already in his second year at the University. Denny had a high school diploma, but not much else. Meeting Ezra changed her life, she left the family and applied to school. Since her only records had been sealed, and she still managed to have a 4.0, she was accepted. Using her illegally obtained funds for tuition, eventually getting a job and finding an apartment. Since her family basically banished her for walking out, Ezra became her only family. Since giving up her "life of crime," she tends to stay away from most excitement, turning herself into bookworm. She weren't such an interesting person, she'd probably be a complete loner.

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