Hey, so I know I don't usually do tips, but I wanted to do one for winter outfits because some people don't know what to wear and just wear jeans, boots, and big heavy coats instead of something cute and warm.
I know it's weird coming from a Florida girl, but I just wanted to do something anyway. c:

So, I'm not describing every outfit in detail, just some tips on them.

- Colors during the winter, you usually think of dark colors like navy, maroon, black, browns, charcoals, golds etc. But you can also wear light colors like creams and off-white along with light blues and greens and oranges.

- Patterns can vary. Floral's and hounds-tooth are really big. Also, Christmas-y patterns like the cardigan in the first box, those of course are big.

- Fabrics like velvet are so in I'm not even joking. Everything is velvet these days. You'll see a lot of fleece and wool. Some lace, but that isn't very warm haha.

- Cable-knit sweaters, tights, stockings, socks, etc. are super cozy and cute.

- Beanies are my absolute favorite type of hat during the season. They can be so cute matched with the right outfit.

- Scarves are super duper comfy and come in many size, colors, fabrics, and patterns.

- Sorry, but flip-flops and sandals are out now haha. Lace-up boots are huge and boots in general. Flats are cute with almost anything, but so are heels, just depends on what you like.

- Layering is really big during the winter of course to keep you warm, but also it looks super adorbs.

So remember, don't freeze to death just trying to look fashionable for people to look at you and be like, "She must have frostbite!" instead of being like, "OMG HER OUTFIT IS SO CUTE." because you're probably not going to get that if you're turning blue.

I hope this helps with some inspo and you like it! :)

If you want me to make more tips, please tell me! :)

Okay, bye!
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