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So it's starting to get all wintery out there. It's been a lovely fall, and the transition into winter is always a difficult one for me. I go through this stage where I lose my passion for fashion and just want to GET WARM. GET WARM NOW. And so I just throw on whatever insulates best and that's not usually terribly figure flattering or interesting in any way. So then I get depressed. I want to still look good, feel feminine and silky and pretty, but those options are soooo chilly when you step outside. So I was watching the Today show of all things this morning and all 3 women were sort of dressed for winter. They were sexy and feminine and soft just like I want to be, but they looked like, with a nice winter coat and gloves, they'd be perfectly comfortable outside too. It was because they were all wearing, but with some sort of pattern. Also yesterday, I realized a pulled together look MUST include your winter coat/coats. I realized I don't have to resort to my puffer every day. Yesterday I wore my trench with a thick sweater, gloves, hat and scarf. I was comfortable. 

So LOOONG story short...coats and tights. I shall be all about them this winter. That's the trick to making winter fashionably fabulous and a way to enjoy the season in it's own unique way. I think I've transitioned at last :D
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