Ed Sheeran- Lego house
Omg! I haven't talked to you, guys, for a long long time!!!
I've been really busy lately!
But I have so much to tell you!!!
what do you think about it?
My friends invited me there! They live in Seville and I hope that'll be amazing!!!
2) school is sooo difficult now
History is making me crazy!
I have to study so many dates! Like 80 dates. And when the teacher asks you and you make 2 mistakes it's C! Omg, I'm really nervous all the time
3) I went to a psychologist and she role me I have a serious form of stress
And euphoria, idk why
She told me I should choose a creative professions because that's what I need
4) I have to study a loooooooot 
Next year I will have exams university choice depends on the points I get at the exam
5) I've read 'the fault in our stars' by john green
And it's like woooooow!
Also I've read 'pride and pejudice'. It's great!
6) I've been into some you tubers lately:
HauteBrilliance (Aspyn is amazing)
BeyondBeautyStar (Claudia is nice)
ImTaraMichele (greaaaat)
7) I literally want all clothes from
So I wiiiiish I could get a gift card from that shop
8) I want to get a candle!!!!))
9) I sent 2 presents to my tumblr friends!
I hope they'll like the presents!!!!
10) I've been into slow and indie music lately 
I've been loving arctic monkeys, ed Sheeran, birdy, the killers, Ariana grande....
11)I want someone to call me pretty
12) I want to give DIY presents this year
I love you, guys!!!!
Thanks for everything!!
Sorry if you don't want to be tagged
Looking for new people to tag!

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