February air. 

Inviting, fresh and new. I would be going through a few changes this month, not too sure what to feel about them but I am trying to channel positivity! Change is the only constant in life; it happens every day subtlety, leaving us unaware. Sometimes it creeps and grows slowly, sometimes it hits you like a sledgehammer (leaving you breathless or with a nasty scar hoho) but it is always there. I would think that after years of going through changes, I would be accustomed to them? I thought I would be done with these feelings of anxiety, excitement and electrified nerves but I still feel the same as ever. Anxious, excited and nervous. 

I won't say I am "averse to change" or unable to cope with change, rather just apprehensive about approaching it. Fingers crossed for this new wave I need to ride. (Imagining myself as a surfer makes me happy, because I think of Australia beaches and get all giddy.)

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