Winter's Escape

I wish to be a snowbird - flying, fleeing, south from these cold, gray, dark Wisconsin winters. Or move south (again) permanently. Until I do, I daydream of turquoise beaches and blue flowers. Bright open endless water meeting sky at the vanishing point because they're both blue. What is a wingless snowbird to do? Have a contest! What is the antithesis of cold, gray winter? Beaches, desert, water, sun, flora and fauna. Travel, travel, travel in mind, in spirit, in person by car, train, boat, plane or ped. Let us have them, your vacations, your (day) dreams, winter's escape in blue. One week, 12 winners, no limit, you vote.

Created by suzany. Created in BLUES 'NUFF. 64 sets from 20 members. Ended 6 years ago.