+ Name ❥ : Atalya Melisa Greves
+ Nickname ❥ : Tali. Call her Atalya, it's all over.
+ Age ❥ : 24
+ Hometown ❥ : New York City, NY
+ Personality ❥ : Tali is generally quite bubbly, happy and easygoing. However, she is most markedly not a pushover. She's ambitious and intelligent, and mess with her, it won't just be a simple fight, it's be a strategical war. She doesn't like to get involved in drama, but it tends to follow her, and right now she's just looking for a stable environment. Tali's also quite friendly, and tends to make friends easily. Basically, she's all smiles and rainbows, but she's analyzing every situation and looking for the best possible outcome.
 + Bio ❥ : Tali grew up in a happy, wealthy family based in Central Park West. Because of her wealth, she's really never had to support herself, but her parents made sure she not only knows the value of a dollar, but the importance of hard work. She was one of the girls who everyone knew: not for drama, or reputation, just for the sheer amount of activities she participated in. She was student council president, varsity soccer player, all-city track sprinter and played elite lacrosse all through high school, as well as writing for the newspaper, participating in debate team, model un, mock trial and played clarinet in the senior band. People always waited for her to have a nervous breakdown, but she persevered through a heavy course load to become valedictorian. She attended Colombia University for her BA, and kept a steady boyfriend for 6 years before they broke up this summer. 

+ Education ❥ : Tali attended Colombia University for her BA in history with an emphasis on government. She is currently attending Stanford law school. 
+ Job ❥ : While still in law school, Tali's working as a paralegal in a prominent law firm for work experience. 
+ Family ❥ : Tali has a loving family, her father Chris is a prominent lawyer and her mother Julianne is the CEO of a spa chain. They are very close to Tali, and are very supportive of her move to San Francisco. Tali also has three siblings: Ben, who is 26 and lives in Florida, Nadya, who is 22, currently attending UCB, and Liam, who is 17. 
+ Past/Current Relationship(s) ❥ : Tali dated her ex-boyfriend Jeff Palermo for about six years until they broke up in August. They were a very loving high school sweetheart couple, both involved in academics as well as both champion track runners,and tried to spend all their time together after they graduated, even though Jeff attended NYU. They had it easier than most long-distance couples, but found it hard to connect after high school. Also childhood friends, Jeff's father is Chris's colleague and good friend. Everyone thought they were a perfect couple, until Jeff wound up cheating on Tali with a girl from his Econ class. That is one of the reasons Tali moved to San Francisco, as she found it hard to live in the same city as him, needing a change. She's currently interested in a law student at Stanford named Ben Fornan
+ Best Friend(s) ❥ : Riley Griggs has been Tali's best friend since pre-school, as they were always lined up next to each other for role call. They are extremely close, and call each other almost every day to talk while Riley works on a teaching degree in North Carolina. In San Francisco, her best friend is Erika Leo, a fellow paralegal at her firm.
+ Describe what your life has been like the past few years ❥ : My life has been pretty stable, you know, except for the whole my boyfriend cheating on me bit. I really enjoyed college, and it reaffirmed my interest in becoming a lawyer. While it has been hectic, I really don't see myself slowing down, as I'm working towards my law degree!
+ Why are you moving to San Francisco? ❥ : I was accepted into Stanford Law, and honestly? I needed a change. I needed a sunset instead of a sunrise, and I needed a different environment. I miss New York, I really do, it was and will always be home for me. But right now, with my job and my school, I don't see myself returning soon. 
+ Where do you see yourself in ten years? ❥ : Married, hopefully with children, working as a lawyer in either Los Angeles or New York. 
+ Likes ❥ : the rain, purple, ballet flats, running, debating, spending time with friends. 
+ Dislikes ❥ : filing, flashy guys, absinthe, being sick, neon yellow (Jeff wore neon yellow running shoes), cheaters
+ Hobbies ❥ : Running, hanging with friends, reading, too many to list!
+ Favorite Music ❥ : folk, pop, a bit of anything. 
+ Favorite Song at the moment ❥ : dark paradise, lana del rey or five years time, noah and the whale
+ Favorite Movies ❥ : the philadelphia story, roman holiday, love actually 
+ Favorite Books ❥ : Anything by Sophie Kinsella 
+ Favorite Food ❥ : Her mother's baked ziti or fried tofu 
+ Favorite Drink ❥ : I'll say diet coke or water, but it's actually a vodka cranberry
+ Guilty Pleasures ❥ : I drink just a little bit too much from time to time, also trashy tv shows
+ Role Model(s) ❥ : Hillary Clinton, Audrey Hepburn
+ Favorite Vacation Spot ❥ : greece or maine
+ Pet Peeves ❥ : people who overuse the word "like"
+ Style ❥ : either quite casual but elegant (eg. baggy t-shirts with ballet flats and jeans or blazers with tank tops) or formal due to her work, but she likes to liven it up a bit. 
List all of the models you will be using (both girls and guys and including your character). The limit is five. You don't have to use them all. And if you absolutely need to use another one, PM labellabeautyxo.
1. Tali Greves (Esti Ginzburg)
2. Ben Fornan (potential love interest, Joe Brooks)
3. Riley Griggs (best friend, Gemma Ward)
4. Erika Leo (best friend, Emily Didonato)
5. Nadya Greves (sister, Erin Heatherton)
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Wrote 4 years ago
SO pretty!

Wrote 4 years ago
okay, it's finally done, haha! @labellabeautyxo

Wrote 4 years ago
Perfection! Only problem is Kristina Romanova and Leighton Meester are already being used :( You don't have to make another audition though. Just change the models! Here's who's already being used: http://www.polyvore.com/taken_girls/collection?id=1508640

Wrote 4 years ago
story up @labellabeautyxo :)



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