~Yuna, Someone Out of Town {this song is so very lovely and a total Beckland song}


THIS SET WAS SO HARD TO MAKE and I don't even know why. I just couldn't find the right pictures. But whatever it turned out better than it started I guess haha. As for the 2 new chapters, I felt like I was losing my mojo on some parts I don't know but yeah, I'm going to try to get even more new ones up by Thursday! Hope you all like these <3

If you missed the collection with background info, the synopsis, and models for characters, check out the collection, which is also where all my chapter sets will be as I make them: http://www.polyvore.com/depth/collection?id=2201272

http://figment.com/books/464091-Depth [go to CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX and CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN in the Table of Contents]
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