1. Oh the lust I've had ever since I first laid eyes on this purse. Growing up, I never quite caught on to the whole purse thing. I had a bit of a tomboy phase and thus came into the fashion world a little late- even then it was hard to find a purse I liked. Eventually Target and H&M presented pleasing options, but I strayed from the designer bag cravings of the teens surrounding me. This bag changed everything. It has the perfect amount of studs to satisfy my ever remaining punk rock phase needs and yet comes with even more sophistication due to its style, brand and material. To put it simply: it's perfection. 

2. I've now learned that every girl wants a pretty watch, but I first wanted a watch because that was the becoming of age gift for a wizard in the famed world of one Harry Potter. Michael Kors after Michael Kors passed by me in the hallway at school and yet after looking at their website I wanted something different. I still needed that shimmer though, both of gold color and of name brand- Kate Spade presented the perfect compromise. This glitter covered beauty is every girls dream. 

3. I've needed a nice coat for quite some time now. I've been ogling over leather jackets online. The search? To find one different from the rest, but still holding that leather attitude. Rebecca Taylor gets it. The taupe and camel colors. The quilting on the sleeves. It still has the zipper adornments of every other leather jacket and yet this coat is just so much more. It caters to the tough leather attitude, but adds a softer touch. 

4. I blame the chelsea boot trend on none other than Harry Styles. His cool, collected style makes all the girls swoon- and, get this, dress like him too. I mean seriously, a fedora, oversized button up, some skinnies, sunglasses, and throw in those boots, it's perfect for a spring day in the city. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself in looking forwards to spring. I'd be just as likely to pair these with an oversized sweater and some leggings this winer. These boots are on trend and I who doesn't want to be on trend?!

5. Let's go ahead and clarify that I have a shoe hoarding problem. I always want more. Heck, I could've filled this whole list with shoes! Can I talk about these cut outs though? First of all- Topshop. All I have is awe for this store that is so highly praised in Britain by fashion bloggers. I live in a state that does not have one of these and I scroll through their site with wonder, but have not made a purchase yet. These boots are sitting in my shopping cart right now, the first item there. I love how with cut out boots you can either show skin or socks. I love how you can style them with skirt or pants. I love how they have buckles. I love how they have a heel but it's not unbearable. I love cut-out boots. 

6. Boy London is the street-wear of rappers, models, and fashion bloggers alike. They create comfy clothes that can make any kid feel like they are a part of the cool club. Another long time lust item of mine that would be perfect for still looking what one might call "ace" on a day that I decide to bum it to class. 

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