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Made this set is like three minutes. Does it suck? Oh yes.


I was done with boyfriends. They start off like a fu*king princess fairytale, and end you off with a broken glass shoe, and no hope. 

I walked down the hallway, reciting over and over in my head that I was done with boyfriends. I was don-

Holy sh*t.

Who is that man-candy standing over there? I think that's the guy who was talking to Christina, and boy, was he hot. I mentally crossed out not having a boyfriend. I needed to have him as a boyfriend. Needed.

"Hey there, I'm Yasmin." I introduced myself, putting on my best sultry look.

"I'm Brice. It's nice to meet you Yasmin." He winked back. Ooh la la, my heart was doing flips. 

"Likewise. So you're new, I presume?" I asked, tilting my head a bit.

"Yes. The only person I really know is Christina. I'm sure you've met her, right?" He asked, leaning against the locker in a sexy way. God, you have no idea how much I wanted to fu*king make out with this guy.

"Oh, Christina with the designer mother? Yes, I have. And if you're new, I bet you don't know where the parties are located." I smirked.

"No I don't." He chuckled. "Would you care to show me them someday?" 

"How about tonight. There's one going on at this club." I said, slowly stepping closer to him.

"That sounds perfect." He smiled.

"Great. Meet me in front of Billing's at ten." I kissed him on the cheek slowly. "Don't be late." I whispered. After, I stood up again, and strutted away, congratulating myself for my performance.


(The story will come tomorrow!)
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